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Magazine - Portale - Reviews
/ Magazines - Portals - Reviews

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  • Akemi's Anime World
    Over 400 in-depth anime reviews, Japanese lessons, and more. Thinking too much about anime since 1998.
  • Aniki
    ein deutschsprachiges Online-Lexikon speziell zu den Themen Anime und Manga. Es wird von freiwilligen Helfern gepflegt und ständig erweitert.
  • ANIMAX (japanisch)
  • Anime Check-list
    objective is to provide a list as much complete as possible of all existing anime (Japanese animated figures) produced in Japan since 1917. It's a huge database where every anime can be searched using several criterias [...]
    There's always a ton of shows to watch every season, so how do you decide what to watch?

    Well, you can go for the tried-and-true, or you can let recommend the most-anticipated shows of the upcoming fall season! Let's take a look at which shows will be best bets for anime entertainment this time around [...]

  • Anime Cubed
    Anime and Manga Pictures, Image Galleries, Wallpaper

    Anime In-Depth - Sexy Anime Girls - Video Game Galleries - Videos&Films - Musicvideos - How to Draw ...

  • ! Anime Jump
    Anime Best Lists, Guides, Recommendations, and Reviews
  • Anime Lyrics
    Anime, Game and J-pop Lyrics
  • ! Anime News Network (ANN)
    was created as a news source that focuses on the medium of Japanese Animation(anime) and Japanese Comics (manga). ANN was founded by Justin Sevakis in July of 1998, and has since lead the online anime news medium with a tradition of strong unbiased coverage of major breaking news [...]
  • The Anime Review
    Jason Huff, founder, writer, and editor of The Anime Review | ... now stands as the longest-updated single-reviewer anime review site in existence [...]
  • Anime-Planet
    What do you recommend? | Anime Recommendations, Reviews, Manga and more
  • Anime Vice
    Anime Reviews, Manga Reviews, News, and Forums
  • AnimeMania
    Anime & Manga Commercially Available In English
  • AnimEspresso
    Manga strips and artwork
  • Animefringe
    Reviews / Back Issues: 6 Volumes from 2000 to 2005, 12 issues each year
  • Animestreet
    Forum - Anime ABC - Artikel - Reviews - News
  • Animexx
    Der Anime- und Manga-Verein
  • aniSearch
    Infos zu japanischem Anime, Manga und Film; Community
  • Baka-Updates
    Baka-Updates is a free service brought to you by fellow anime fans. This site focuses on updates and news about the most recent anime releases by the digital fansubbing groups.
  • [dmoz - open directory project]: Anime | Manga
  • Japanator
    anime news, original features, and weird stories from Japan, updated daily
  • Kurogane's Anime Blog
    Praise be our Goddess Madoka, for She died for our sins and gave us hope
  • ! The Librarian's Guide to Anime and Manga
  • Mahousu's Guide des Mangas en français
    Guide to French translations of Japanese manga
  • [Länderbeschränkung f. USA ]
    [...] feature video clips, trailers, contests, up-to-date release information and an online catalog of Manga’s extensive anime library. For well over 10 years, Manga has aggressively marketed Japanese animation with great success releasing over 200 selections on DVD and now in digital format [...]

      UK's Best ANIME BLOG | News, Gossip and more
  • Manga-Updates
    A site dedicated to bringing the manga community (and by extension the manhwa, manhua, etc, communities) the latest scanlation and series information. We are the sister site of Baka-Updates.
  • Manga Zeichenkurs
    Ein paar Tips für alle, die anfangen Manga zu zeichnen oder vielleicht auch ein paar Tricks wenn du schon ein bisschen Erfahrung hast.
  • Mangaworkshop
    Amateur manga artists community
  • ! Mania
    Your Comic Book, Fantasy, SciFi, Horror & Anime Source
  • Otaku USA
    Anime news, reviews, and exclusive features
  • Pierrot - Official Website
  • The Pirate Anime FAQ
    A Guide To Unlicensed Anime and Manga Related Goods ... and you to protect yourself from those

    The Ultimate Manga guide
  • ! Protoculture
    Guide To Anime Culture | the publisher of Protoculture Addicts, the longest running anime & manga-related magazine, as well as of guide books like Anime: A Guide To Japanese Animation. It is a company dedicated to offering you the best guide to anime culture!
  • ! Random Curiosity
    Anime News :: Best of Anime :: Blast From The Past :: Final Impressions :: First Impressions :: Manga :: Miscellaneous :: My Way or the Anime :: OVA/Movie :: Podcast :: PV :: Random Musings :: Retrospective Look :: Season Preview :: Season ScheduleSeries Introduction :: :: Snapshots :: Soundtrack
  • Rob Kelk's Anime Website
    Anime FAQs - Fanfics - Meganekko - to-watch Guide - Links ...
  • Rose Tint My World
  • Schoedav
    Manga / Anime - Zeichenkurs - Tutorials - Forum und mehr
  • shonenjump
    Worldwide portal of Manga
  • Sinfest
    by Tatsuya Ishida
    Your Nexus to Anime and Manga | Reviews - Manga Online - Images ...
  • Sumeragi's Page
    Konnichi wa! This page was made purely for my own amusement about my biggest hobby and a large sink hole for money: mangas. I hope some of you may find the information usefull [...]
  • THEM Anime Reviews
  • Toonami Wiki
    a late-night, action-oriented animated programming block on Adult Swim, primarily American cartoons and Japanese anime.
  • Vertical, Inc.
    B.F.A., San Francisco State University (Japanese Language).

    For seven years Ed has been writing and critiquing Japanese popular culture for Publishers Weekly,, and Otaku USA magazine. His familiarity with the Japanese comics industry led him to freelance work [...]

  • Wikipedia: Anime | Manga | Portal:Anime and Manga

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MEDIEN / MEDIA: Audio, Video + Webmangas

Siehe auch: Editor's Choice (ausgewählte Mangas und Anime-Filme / Linksammlung) (-::-) Stream/Video-Seiten allgemein (@ Film, Kino & TV Linksammlung)

  • Adult Swim
    Games :: Video :: AS TV
  • Anime House
    Informationen über unsere aktuellen, früheren und kommenden Produkte, Witziges und Unterhaltsames , Downloads, Trailer und vieles mehr.
  • Anime Network
    Your Source for Top Anime Series Online
  • Animeartbooks
    Anime galleries: game, fantasy and gothic images
  • ! Animeflavor
    Watch Anime, Cartoons and Read Manga Drama Online
  • AnimeHere
    Watch Free Anime Sub Online
  • !
    Home :: AnimeList :: Manga :: Movies :: Games :: APPS :: TopAnime :: Genres
  • AnimeLab [AnimeLab is exclusive to Australia and New Zealand]
    Watch anime hits and simulcasts direct from Japan
    Watch Anime Episodes Online Streaming Subbed & Dubbed
  • Animetoon
    Watch Dubbed Anime Online | Watch Cartoon Online
  • AnimeUltima
    Watch Free Anime | Anime Shows, Episodes in English Subbed & Dubbed
  • AnyManga
    Read Manga Online Free
  • ! Batoto
    Read Comics Online
  • Broken Saints [Flash]
    Original Motion Comic Epic
  • Clone.Manga
    Manga Webcomics and Anime-Style Webcomics
  • Dragon Voice
    Manga Scanlations
  • ! Dubbed-Scene
    Watch Cartoons Online | Watch Anime Dubbed
  • Evil Genius
    Manga Scanlations
  • Fungeta
    Anime & Manga | mp4 downloads ... indonesian subtitles ...
  • ! GoGoAnime
    Free Anime Online – Free Anime Stream:
  • Hinata-Online (français)
    Anime Online Links
  • LadyStar
    More Girl Heroes Than All Other Book Series combined
  • Lililicious
    Scanlation's focusing on yuri, shoujo ai and lesbian manga
  • Manga Bookshelf
    a network of discussion, resources, roundtables & reviews
  • Manga Here
    Read English Manga Free Online. Manga is Here
  • Manga Reader
    Read Manga Online for Free
  • Manga Stream
    Read free manga online
  • Mega Tokyo
    Online Webcomic :: Manga :: doujinshi
  • Sen Manga
    Read HQ Manga Online
  • Ten Manga
    Read Free Manga Online
  • ! Watch Anime Now!
    Watch Anime Online

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Handel / Trade

  • Animebooks
    Art Books, Anime Apparels, Toys, and Creative Inspiration
  • AnimEigo
    Anime, Samurai Films and Japanese Cinema
  • Aniplex USA
  • Archonia
    Anime And Manga Store
  • Crunchyroll
    Schauen Sie Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Animevideos und Episoden kostenlos online
  • FUNimation
    Watch Anime Episodes Streaming Online; Buy DVD & Blu-ray
  • ImageAnime
    Japanese Collectible Toys
  • KAZÉ
    Anime & Manga | das größte deutschsprachige Anime-DVD-Label.
  • Madman Entertainment
  • Manganet
    die offizielle Seite von EMA
  • PaniniComics
    Comic, Comics, Manga, Anime
  • Right Stuf Inc.
    Anime, Manga and more
  • Robert's Anime Corner Store
    Your Online Anime Superstore
  • TokyoPop
    established the market for manga in North America, introducing the term to the English language in the process. Over its history, TOKYOPOP has published over 3000 books, distributed anime and Asian films on home video and television, licensed merchandise [...]
  • VIZ Media
    Print Manga :: Digital Manga :: Streaming Anime :: DTO Anime :: DVD & Blu-Ray :: Books

    [...] manga (graphic novel) publishing, animation and entertainment licensing of Japanese content. Owned by three of Japan's largest creators and licensors of manga and animation, Shueisha Inc., Shogakukan Inc., and Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions, Co., Ltd., VIZ Media is a leader in the publishing and distribution of Japanese manga for English speaking audiences [...]

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Manga+Anime Links
Clubs & Vereine / Communities

Organisationen: Clubs & Vereine
/ Organisations: Clubs & associations

Siehe auch: Manga/Anime-Conventions ::

Deutschland / Germany

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  • Anime Association of Northern Illinois University
    Northern Illinois University's anime club located in McMurry Hall on campus in DeKalb, Illinois.

    Our main activity is publicly showing different types of Japanese Animation (called anime), including movies, TV series, and direct-to-video releases. We show a variety of genres which include drama, comedy, romance, action, adventure, science fiction, and historical [...]

  • Anime Club
    at the University of Texas at Austin
  • Anime@Carleton
    devoted to the exposure of Japanese animation "Anime" at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The club is meant to be a medium through which students and the Anime community in Ottawa can share their love of Anime [...]
  • B.U.M.A.C.
    Bloomsburg University Manga and Anime Club

    the largest organized concentration of otaku, gamers, and live-action Asian film enthusiasts in the Columbia County area of Pennsylvania. In addition to our standard two meetings per week during the regular academic year, once a semester we typically host one whole-day event of non-stop anime and gaming that has come to be called our "Film Festival" [...]

  • Brown Anime Society
  • Cal Animage Alpha
    has been UC Berkeley's anime club since 1989 | News Posts
  • Carolina Otaku Uprising
    We, the members of the Carolina Otaku Uprising, call upon all anime fans of good heart and liberated conciousness to rise up alongside their revolutionary brethren. Only by joining together arm in arm can we march forward into the future [...]
  • CTRL-A
    A gathering place for anime friends in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • DC Anime Club
    nonprofit organization dedicated to educate people in the Washington D.C. area about East Asian Culture through Japanese animation (anime) and comics (manga).
  • Delaware Anime Society
    Established in 2002 as a mailing list and moving to monthly meetings in 2004, we are Delaware's most active anime and gaming club with chapters in North DE, South DE and Southeastern PA [...]
  • Emerald Angel Comics
  • Green Mustard Entertainment
    Producing fan convention entertainment since 2001
  • HAAS
    Home of the Huntsville Alabama Anime Society
  • Harvard Anime Society
  • IAC
    The Indiana Animation Club
  • JACO
    The Japanese Animation Club of Orlando
  • MIT Anime Club
    a non-profit MIT student organization dedicated to increasing the awareness of anime, or Japanese animation, in the MIT community.
  • Neo Anime Club
    Cal Poly Pomona
  • NVAA - Northern Virginia Anime Association
    The anime club of Fairfax County is a free, community-based, anime club who's purpose is to appreciate Japanese culture through the viewing of anime, going to anime conventions, and attending local Japanese cultural activities [...]
  • Stevens Anime Club
    The purpose is to provide entertainment to the student body as well as the general public in the form of Japanese animation and live movies, as well as trips to Japanese cultural events in the area. We like to provide a relaxed, alcohol-free environment for students to enjoy their Friday nights [...]
  • The Yale Anime Society
    dedicted to the promotion of anime and manga on Yale's campus. In other words, we watch anime! Come join us and see what anime is all about [...]
  • YAMA - Anime and Manga Association

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Manga-ka + (Manga) Gensaku-sha

Japanischer Cartoonist / Japanese cartoonist

Siehe auch: Cartoonisten, Karikaturisten + Illustratoren Dreieckiges Warnschild mit einem sitzenden Bauarbeiter, welcher links eine Schaufel hält und mit der rechten Hand eine Bierflasche zu seinem Mund führt

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