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Webcomics, Ressourcen + Communities

Webcomics - Comics / Cartoons im Internet


  • Achewood
    “Achewood,” like wormwood, was used by antebellum slaves in the production of “achewater,” a long-since outmoded and outlawed Southern beverage.

    Drinkers of achewater experienced hallucinations and euphoria, but the after-effects of the liquor produced a deep and lasting melancholy (hence its name) [...] Achewater is generally thought to have inspired many Southern folk songs and fables, such as “The Story of Poor John Ritch,” “Sullivan’s Bear and Dried Bird” and “I’m Following a Little Round Lord.”

  • Ackxhpaez
    The Artwork of Michael M. Wartella, the award-winning Village Voice cartoonist profiled by The New York Times as a pioneer of online animation in 1998.

    He is the founder of Brooklyn New York's DREAM FACTORY ANIMATION. Wartella's distinctive cartoons are featured in every episode of Warner Bros.' MAD on Cartoon Network [...]

  • Altar Ego
    Christian Cartoons, Church Humor, Humorous Illustration by Cartoonist Len Jones
  • The Astonish Factory
    . . . I’ve dreamed of being a cartoonist and having a cartoon studio… of writing and drawing stories for people. [...]
  • Attaboy
  • Berkeley Breathed
    Berkeley Breathed (born June 21, 1957) is an American cartoonist, children’s book author/illustrator, novelist, director, and screenwriter, best known for Bloom County, a 1980s cartoon-comic strip [...]
  • Bluntpencil
    Comic Illustration, Animation, Comic Feature and Children's Illustrated Novels by Henri Goldsmann
  • Breadwig
    Cartoons of strange characters drawn with a unique style
  • BugPowder Weblog
    Regular slugs of news for the UK Small Press Comics Nation
  • Cartoon A Day
    This is where one man (Bryant Arnold – ME) has set out on a mission of the unthinkable. . . to create totally unique, interesting, educational and free cartoons for absolutely no other reason than because I CAN. . . [...]
  • The Cartoon Bank
    A Feature of the Condé Nast Collection
  • Cartoonguru
    Cartoons and comics guide
  • The Cartoonist Group
    The cartoonists of the Cartoonist Group welcome you to the internet's most diverse cartoon art database!
  • CartoonStock
    Cartoon Humor, Political Cartoons, Comics, Illustrations | a searchable database of over 500,000 humorous and political cartoons, cartoon pictures and illustrations by more than 1000 of the world's top cartoonists, all available for instant licensing and download.
  • Comic Art Fans
    The Original Comic Art Gallery for Collectors
  • Gallery of Comic Art
    @ Comic Art Community
  • Comic Artists Direct
    Interested in what it takes to be an illustrator or writer? Curious about how the comic book and related industries work? Comic Artists Direct features a growing library of informative articles to enlighten and entertain [...]
  • Comic Book Resources
    Daily Comic Book News, Previews, Reviews, Commentary and Message Boards
  • Comic Related
    Daily Comic Book News, Reviews, Columns and Message Boards
  • Comic Vine
    Comic reviews, videos, forums and wiki
  • Comics from Russia (russisch)
  • ComicsAlliance
    Comic book culture, news, humor and commentary
  • Creators Syndicate
    Creators Syndicate was founded in February 1987 by Richard S. Newcombe. Since then, the Los Angeles-based syndicate has done what few believed possible when it was originally founded: it has become only the second major independent syndicate founded since the 1930s [...]
  • Diesel Sweeties
    by @rstevens : robot webcomic & geeky music t-shirts
  • Digital Webbing Studios
    Fist of Justice
  • Dilbert (Official)
    by Scott Adams | color comic strips, animation, mashups
  • Dinosaur Comics
    by Ryan North | Dinosaur Comics is a comic about talking dinosaurs! It appears online and also in print in some newspapers and magazines! There is an RSS feed and a LiveJournal feed and a Twitter feed for the comics [...]
  • Doodie
    E-Cards | Cartoon Greeting Cards | Thank You Notes | Birthday Cards
  • El Listo
    Cómics de humor, amor, sexo y cultura
  • explodingdog
    hi my name is Sam, I draw pictures, from your titles. send me a title to [...]
    by Scott Johnson
  • The Feral Eye Cartoon
    by Terry Sedgwick
  • FoxTrot
    by Bill Amend
  • Garfield & Friends
  • Girl Genius
    Online Comics
  • Glasbergen Cartoon Service
    Cartoons for Newsletters, Presentations, Social Media
  • GoComics
    Comics - Editorial Cartoons - Sheerpa - Dear Abby - Blog - Store
  • Goats
    A Comic Strip by Jon Rosenberg
  • GoComics
    GoComics, from Universal Uclick, is home to many of the most popular comics and cartoons in the world. is the web's largest catalog of syndicated newspaper strips and web comics, offering new, fresh and free content every day.
  • Hagen Cartoons
    contains a collection of the “It’s a Jungle out there!” single-panel cartoon series, now syndicated by Auspac Media.
  • Homestarrunner
    an interactive comic experience
  • Jason Little
    Comics and Illustration
  • Kultur-Fibel
    Operetten & Musical - Führer
  • Liberty Meadows
    by Frank Cho
  • MAD Magazine: Official Website / | Deutsches MAD Magazin Online | MADtrash deutsch / english (MAD Internet Database) | MAD MAGAZINE LISTS (Compiled by Mike Slaubaugh) | MAD at the FBI (by James Gordon Meek) | Wikipedia deutsch / english
  • Newsarama
    Comic Book News, TV, Movies
  • The Oatmeal
    Comics, Quizzes, and Stories
  • off the mark cartoons
    Daily off the mark cartoons by Mark Parisi
  • PassFailStudios
    Comic Book Parody Humor
  • Penny Arcade
    News - Comics - Archive - Forum - Shop - Podcasts - TV
  • The Perry Bible Fellowship
    ran weekly in many newspapers between 2004 and 2007, including The New York Press, The Baltimore City Paper, and the UK Guardian. During that time, it also won the Ignatz, Harvey, and Eisner awards. In 2007, I stopped doing the comic strip on a weekly basis. It now updates wheneverly [...]
  • PHD Comics
    by Jorge Cham | "Piled Higher and Deeper" (PhD) is the comic strip about life (or the lack thereof) in academia. Jorge Cham got his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, and was a full-time Instructor and researcher at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) from 2003-2005 [...]
  • QuestionableContent
    by Jeph Jacques
  • Real Life Comics
    by Greg Dean
  • SMBC
    by Zach Weiner | Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
  • Strangers In Paradise
    by Terry Moore
  • Studio Foglio
    Stories and Pictures by Kaja & Phil Foglio
  • TaintedInk
    Contemplating Reiko ... a wicked little strip about a wicked little girl named Reiko and her three sisters Shinobu, Shirabe, and Shihoka [...]
    by Richard Kolkman | pop culture and history dissected into bite-size pieces
  • Toothpaste For Dinner
    Daily comics by Drew - Twitter: @drewtoothpaste
  • underground
    A Resource for Collectors of Underground 'head' Comix of the 60s and 70s
  • Universal Uclick
    For more than 40 years, Universal Uclick has represented a collection of the most renowned talent in the world - all the brands, characters and creators that consumers love to follow on a daily basis.
  • UserFriendly
    by J.D. Frazer | Since November 17th, 1997. It has been published daily ever since. No breaks, no change-ups, no guest cartoonists.
  • Victor Navone
    Victor Navone's Online Gallery
  • Violent Comix
    in Gary Roberts Comics archive | ! Sexual content!
    webcomic Grammar Puns and More with Charles the Raver
  • Wondermark
    by David Malki | an illustrated Jocularity
  • xkcd
    A Webcomic of Romance, Sarcasm, Math and Language.

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  • Am Rande der Gesellschaft
    von Hauck & Bauer
  • CartoonJournal
    - die Übersicht für Profis und Fans
  • derCartoon
    Lustige Bilder, kostenlose Cartoons vom Cartoonist und Comiczeichner Wolfi Korn
    Die Webgalerie "DYNOXICON Cartoons" zeigt über 120 Kunst-Cartoons von Martin Mißfeldt:

    "Die berühmtesten Giraffen der Kunstgeschichte. "Kann Bier fliegen?" - "Stammt die Mona Lisa vom Mars?" - "Gleicht Rembrandts Anatomie des Dr. Tulp einem Fleischsalat?" - "Warum hat Dürers Junger Hase einen Knoten im Hals?" ...

  • Heiko Sakurai
    Cartoons nach Rubrik
  • HUBBE Cartoons
    Karikaturen und Cartoons von Philipp Hubbe
  • Karikaturen und Cartoons
    Karikaturen und Cartoons über Politik, Wirtschaft, Fussball und mehr
  • MSN Cartoons
  • Piero Masztalerz Cartoons
  • toonsUp
    Seite für Online Comics und Cartoons

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Ressourcen / Resources

  • The Big Cartoon Database (BCDB)
  • ComFor
    Gesellschaft für Comicforschung | verfolgt das Ziel, die wissenschaftliche Erforschung von Comics im deutschsprachigen Raum koordinieren und vernetzen zu helfen. Die ComFor ist für jedwede interdisziplinäre und internationale Art von Comicforschung offen [...]
    die welt der bunten bilder
  • Comic Book DB
    The Comic Book Database
  • Comic Hunters
    Neben einer umfangreichen Comic Datenbank wird dir die Möglichkeit geboten, deine Comic Sammlung online zu verwalten und anderen zu präsentieren [...] Wenn du selbst Comics oder Comic Strips zeichnest, kannst du diese auch gerne bei uns vorstellen [...]
  • Comic Vine
    Comic reviews, videos, forums and wiki
  • ComicList
    The New Comic Book Releases List
  • The Comics Reporter
    Tom Spurgeon's Web site of comics news, reviews, interviews and commentary
  • ComicsPriceGuide
    The Free Online Comic Book Price Guide
  • Deutscher Comic Guide
    Mit + 109.050 Comics und + 66.414 Coverabbildungen, ist der Deutsche Comic Guide die wohl umfangreichste Comic-Datenbank Deutschlands [...] Zeichner, Texter, Inhaltsangaben, Besonderheiten [...] Comic ist in deutscher Sprache und nach 1945 erschienen [...] ist bzw. war in gedruckter Form erhältlich
  • Enjolrasworld
    Comic Book Annotations & Bibliographies | dedicated to gathering all of the Internet's comic book annotations and bibliographies in one place.
  • Deutschsprachige Comics (multi-lingual) @ Goethe-Institut
  • - Comic Index
  • Grand Comics Database (GCD)
    a nonprofit, Internet-based organization of international volunteers dedicated to building a database covering all printed comics throughout the world [...]
  • The Journal of Cartoon Overanalyzations
    Are there existential dilemmas in Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends? Does Brad Bird’s oeuvre contain creepy Objectivist subtext? Is there a Lorenzo Music/Bill Murray Ghostbusters-Garfield conspiracy? [...]
  • Lambiek Comiclopedia
    Illustrated Artist compendium of over 12,000 comic artists from around the world. Find your favorite artists, strips and characters.

    The Comiclopedia is the world's largest overview of comic artists, and the brainchild of comic shop Lambiek's founder Kees Kousemaker (1942-2010) [...]

  • Mania
    Your Comic Book, Fantasy, SciFi, Horror & Anime Source
    of comic book stores & trading card stores in the United States & Canada
  • No Flying No Tights
    a graphic novel review website
  • PUNCH Magazine
    The Punch Cartoon Library | PUNCH Magazine Cartoon Archive
  • The Rise of Web Comics
    PBS Video | Watch Off Book Online
  • Sequential Tart: A Comics Industry Web Zine
  • Splashcomics
    News - Artikel - Rezensionen - Leseproben - Online-Comics - Forum
  • Toonami Wiki
    a late-night, action-oriented animated programming block on Adult Swim, primarily American cartoons and Japanese anime.
  • Toondoo
    Fastest Way to Create Comic Strips and Cartoons
  • Don Markstein's Toonopedia
    A Vast Repository of Toonological Knowledge | the world's first hypertext encyclopedia of toons
  • Toonpool
    die kostenlose Community für Cartoons & Karikaturen
  • Wikia
    Netzwerk aus kollaborativ veröffentlichten Inhalten zu Videospielen, sowie Entertainment- und Lifestyle-Themen im Web [...]
  • Wikipedia: [deutsch] Comic | Portal:Comic | Karikatur

    [english] Cartoon | Cartoonist | Comics | List of newspaper comic strips | Portal:Cartoon | Editorial cartoon | Portal:Comics | Caricature

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Politische Cartoons, Karikaturen und Illustrationen
| Akademische Ressourcen

Politische Cartoons, Karikaturen und Illustrationen / Political Cartoons, caricatures and Illustrations

Siehe auch: Akademische Ressourcen (-::-) Animierte politische Cartoons


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Historische politische Cartoons
/ Historical political cartoons

Siehe auch: Akademische Ressourcen (-::-) Animierte politische Cartoons

  • Almanac of Theodore Roosevelt
    Political Cartoons
  • Chicago Tribune Political Cartoons
    1918-1929 (24, two per year) [.pdf]
  • HarpWeek
    Cartoons from Harper's Weekly and other leading Journals

    The Presidental Elections (1860-1912) | Cartoonist Nast vs. Canditate Greeley (the election of 1872) | Hayes vs. Tilden (1876-1877) ...

  • Mugwumps and the Masses
    intended to provide you with as many ways "in" as possible. The Text-Based section is an analysis of cartooning as well as Gilded Age political culture; the individual essays can be read in a linear progression or independently of each other [...]
  • Oliphant's Anthem
    Pat Oliphant at the Library of Congress
  • Political Cartoons of Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson and his administration were a favorite subject of cartoons. Many have found their way onto the way, particularly from the Library of Congress [...]
    Imperialism and Colonialism Cartoons
  • Wiener Zeitung
    Historische Cartoons

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Akademische Ressourcen / Academic resources

Siehe auch: Redaktionelle + politische Cartoons, Karikaturen und Illustrationen + Historische Politische Cartoons sowie Animierte politische Cartoons

  • Analyzing political cartoons @ LEARN NC
    Educator's Guides: North Carolina Digital History
  • ARTSEDGE: Drawing Political Cartoons
    The purpose of using political cartoons is to develop both factual knowledge and interpretive skills.
  • Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG)
    collects, preserves, and exhibits posters relating to historical and contemporary movements for social change. Through its varied programs, CSPG is reclaiming the power of art to educate and inspire people to action [...]
  • The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship

    an open access, open peer review academic journal dedicated to comics scholarship. The journal aims to make original contributions to the field of comics studies and to advance the appreciation of graphic narrative [...]

  • ComicsResearch
    Comics Scholarship Annotated Bibliographies | Gene Kannenberg, Jr., Ph.D., Director
  • Die Karikatur im Spannungsfeld von Kunstgeschichte und Politikwissenschaft [.pdf]
    von Angelika Plum
  • Image & Narrative
    a peer-reviewed e-journal on visual narratology and word and image studies in the broadest sense of the term. It does not focus on a narrowly defined corpus or theoretical framework, but questions the mutual shaping of literary and visual cultures [...]
  • ImageTexT
    a peer-reviewed, open access journal dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of comics and related media. We are published by the English Department at the University of Florida with support from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Our content is available free of charge, and regular issues of ImageTexT will be published three times per year [...]
  • International Journal of Comic Art (IJOCA) $
    aims to publish scholarly and readable research on any aspect of comic art, defined as animation, comic books, newspaper and magazine strips, caricature, gag and political cartoons, humorous art, and humor or cartoon magazines.

    A typical issue includes about 500-700 pages, averaging 30 articles and more than 200 illustrations.

  • Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy @ Wikipedia
  • Karikatur als historische Quelle
    Reinhard Ahlke, Gymnasium Schloss Hagerhof, Bad Honnef
  • Mugwumps and the Masses
    intended to provide you with as many ways "in" as possible. The Text-Based section is an analysis of cartooning as well as Gilded Age political culture; the individual essays can be read in a linear progression or independently of each other [...]
  • PBS - Global Connections
    Lesson Plan on "Reading" Political Cartoons
  • Political Cartoons and Israel Palestine [.pdf]
  • Politische Karikaturen interpretieren
    Analyse und Interpretation von Karikaturen und politischer Grafik
  • A Semiotic Analysis of Political Cartoons
    2003, by Cynthia Bailey Lee

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  • India Elections
    Political Cartoons, Poll Toons, Caricatures of Political Leaders, Indian Politics Cartoons
  • Shekhar Gurera's Cartoons Gallery
    A complete Scetch of Indian Politics & Society

    Political Cartoons - Current Editorial Cartoons and Comic Strips
  • America in Caricature - 1765-1865
    Political Cartoons of the Lilly Library
  • Calisphere - A World of Digital Resources
    the University of California's free public gateway to a world of primary sources. More than 200,000 digitized items — including photographs, documents, newspaper pages, political cartoons, works of art, diaries, transcribed oral histories, advertising, and other unique cultural artifacts — reveal the diverse history and culture of California and its role in national and world history [...]
  • [dmoz - open directory project]: Editorial Illustration
  • GoComics
    from Universal Uclick, is home to many of the most popular comics and cartoons in the world. is the web's largest catalog of syndicated newspaper strips and web comics, offering new, fresh and free content every day [...]
  • Guardian - Great election cartoons
    A selection of vintage cartoons from the University of Kent's Centre for the Study of Cartoons and Caricature [...]
  • Herblock!
    Exhibitions - The Library of Congress celebrates Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Herb Block (1909–2001) with a look at his remarkable seventy-two-year career (1929–2001) [...]
  • The Political Cartoon Society
    aim is to promote the 'political' cartoon by way of amusing, informing and educating. Cartooning in Britain has an unrivalled heritage going back over many hundreds of years [...]
  • Political Cartoons
    The largest searchable Database of political Cartoons for Sale on the Web.
  • The SFU Library Editorial Cartoons Collection
    The Simon Fraser University Library Editorial Cartoons Collection contains over 9800 original drawings published in Canadian newspapers between 1952 and the present [...]

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