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Portale, Magazine, Reviews

Siehe auch: Film Genres

  • 2GuysTalking Podcast Network
    Unlike a radio network, The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network is an award-nominated full-featured online audio show library of “shows”, ranging from the popular “2GuysTalking TERMINATOR Podcast” to any of the new network shows that showcase a wide variety of interests [...]
  • Video Data Bank (VDB)
    The Video Data Bank is committed to fostering awareness and scholarship of the history and contemporary practice of video and media art [...]

    Founded at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 1976 at the inception of the media arts movement, the Video Data Bank (VDB) is a leading resource in the United States for video by and about contemporary artists.

    The VDB Collection includes the work of more than 550 artists and 5,500 video art titles, 2,500+ in active distribution.

    A comprehensive resource for Movies and TV
  • Ain't It Cool News
    The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news
  • AllMovie
    Movies and Films Database - Movie Search, Guide, Recommendations, and Reviews
  • BBC - Film
  • Box Office Mojo
    an online movie publication and box office reporting service. Our purpose is to illuminate the movies through the integration of art and business [...]
  • CHUD
    Cinematic happenings under development | Movie Curiosities - the 100 best movies ever - reviews ...
  • Cinefacts
    Kino - DVD&Blue-Ray - TV - Filme - Serien - Stars
    Entertainment You Care About
  • CraveOnline
    Movie Trailers, Video Games, Sports, Music
  • The Criterion Collection
    Since 1984, the Criterion Collection, a continuing series of important classic and contemporary films, has been dedicated to gathering the greatest films from around the world and publishing them in editions that offer the highest technical quality and award-winning, original supplements [...]
  • critic
    Filmkritiken, Festivals, Kinoprogramm
  • DiscDish
    a DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D website dedicated to the most notable movies and TV shows on disc. We feature new release details and reviews of all the mainstream, big Hollywood movies, from animated family movies [...]
  • DVD Movie Reviews
    Movie reviews, information, cast, and awards.
  • DVD Talk
    DVD Movie News, Reviews, and More
  • Empire Magazine
    Film Reviews, Movie News and Interviews
  • Entertainment Weekly's
    Entertainment News | TV News | TV Shows | Movie, Music and DVD Reviews
    Movie Reviews, Trailers and Photos
  • Film Drunk
  • Film Reference
  • Film Threat
    Independent Movies, Film Festivals, New Movies Reviews, News and Interviews
  • Film-Zeit
    Pressespiegel zum Thema Film & Kino
  • FilmAffinity
    (AKA MovieAffinity) was created in 2002 by Pablo Kurt, Daniel Nicolas and a team of programmers, web designers and movie goers. Our idea was simple: to make "the-most-accurate-personal-affinitybased-movies-recommendation-system-ever-created" (too long for a domain though) [...]
  • FilmBook
    Film News, Film Reviews, Film Trailers, TV Show News
  • FILMdrippink
    A specialized search engine for helping you find academic and journalistic texts about cinema and television.
  • FilmoFilia
    Very best movie news, trailers, posters, photos, and ever more.
  • Films not Dead. (FND)
    Film Photography Online
  • AMC Filmsite
    Greatest Films - The Best Movies in Cinematic History
  • FirstShowing
    a web-based destination providing complete media coverage of mainstream and independent movies, the latest on the moviegoing experience, and the connection between Hollywood and the audience [...]
  • Foxy Bronx
    The Soul Side of Pop Culture
  • GLAZ
    Film – Dramaturgie – Ästhetik
  • Goethe Institut
    Der deutsche Film
  • The Guardian - Film
  • Helter Skelter
    online magazine with a focus on independent and alternative culture in India. The scope of content includes films, books, theatre, food, music, art, and travel — personal essays, social commentary, human interest pieces, interviews, features, reviews, photography, and lots more.
  • HitFix
    Entertainment News, Events, Exclusives & Reviews for Movies, Film, Television, Music
    Movies, Celebrities, TV News & Movie Theaters
  • Hollywood Gothique
    online entertainment guide to Fantasy Films, Mystery Movies, Halloween Horror & Sci-Fi Cinema Events in Los Angeles [...]
  • The Hollywood News
    We are the home of movies! Run by film fans for film fans!
  • How2Find
    Online-Magazin mit mehr als 839 Rezensionen zu Buch, Film und Musik ... Seit 2000
  • IGN
    Movie Reviews, Trailers, Interviews, Wikis & Posters for Movies
  • IMDb: siehe Internet Movie Database
  • Indiewire
    News - Movies - Awards - Television - Blogs - Filmmaking
  • ! Internet Archive
    This library contains digital movies uploaded by Archive users which range from classic full-length films, to daily alternative news broadcasts, to cartoons and concerts. Many of these videos are available for free download.
  • ! Internet Movie Database (IMBd)
    Movies, TV and Celebrities
  • LocateTV
    Find TV Shows, Movies & Actors On TV & Online
  • Metacafe
    Online Video Entertainment - Free video clips for your enjoyment
  • Metacritic Movie
    Movie Reviews, Articles, Trailers, and more
  • Moviefone
    Trailer, TV Shows, ...
  • MovieGod
    Filmkritiken - Filmnews - HD-Trailer - Kinostarts - Filmstarts
  • Moviepilot
    empfiehlt dir Filme genau nach deinem Geschmack
    New Movies | Movie Trailers | Movie Times | Reviews
  • moviepilot
    empfiehlt Filme nach deinem Geschmack
  • MovieWeb
    Movie News, Reviews, Trailers, TV News
  • ! MRQE
    the Movie Review Query Engine
  • MSN Movies
    Movie Listings, Showtimes, Movie Reviews, Trailers, Movie Clips, DVD
  • OFDb
    Die Filmdatenbank für TV, Kino, DVD, Blu-ray und Trailer
  • Online-Filmdatenbank (OFDb)
    Filmdatenbank für TV, Kino, DVD, Blu-ray und Trailer
  • 0xDB
    an experimental - and to some degree imaginary - movie database. It is intended to help us rethink the future of cinema on the Internet, just as it tries to push the boundaries of what we understand as "web applications". What 0xDB proposes is an entirely new approach to visualizing and navigating moving images [...]
  • People's Choice Awards
    Fan Favorites in Movies, Music & TV
  • Rambles
    Movie reviews
  • Rapid Eye Movie
    Pictures Coming To Eat You
  • The Red List.: Film
    A database by Fabrice Argelas, Catherine Guiol & Romain Pergeaux
  • ReadJunk
    Movie News, Reviews, Interviews
  • Rolling Stone
    Music, Movies, TV, Politics, Country, and Culture
  • ! Rotten Tomatoes
    Movies | TV Shows | Movie Trailers | Reviews
  • Ruthless ReviewsComfortable and Furious
    80s Action | Bond Briefs | 70s Italian Crime Movies | Christmas Movie Reviews | The ABCs | Gaming
  • SciFi Japan
    your source for news and information on science fiction, horror, fantasy and action movies, TV shows and videos.. from classics and old favorites, to upcoming productions and home video releases, to the odd and obscure titles you may never have heard of! [...]
  • Screen Rant
    The #1 Independent Movie & TV News Website | Movie News, Movie Reviews, Movie Trailers, TV News
  • ScreenDaily
    Film News, Film Reviews, Film Festivals, Film Awards and Film Features
  • SlashFilm
    Blogging the Reel World
  • Sonic Reducer
    Magazin für CD-Reviews - Filme - Interviews - Literatur und Portraits
  • The Movie Database (TMDb)
    [...] What started as a simple image sharing community has turned into one of the most actively user edited movie database on the Internet [...]
  • TotalFilm
    Film reviews, movie news and trailers
  • UGO
    Daily Geek News Videos
    Video, Film and TV, Movies and Films Informations
  • Vulture
    Entertainment News - Celebrity News, TV Recaps, Movies, Music, Art, Books, Theater
  • Wall St. Cheat Sheet - Entertainment
  • Wide Screen
    A peer-reviewed open-access journal
  • World's Shortest Movie Reviews
    We cut out ALL the film school BS!
  • Wikia
    Film-Hub | Netzwerk aus kollaborativ veröffentlichten Inhalten zu Videospielen, sowie Entertainment- und Lifestyle-Themen im Web [...]li>
  • Wikipedia: Portal:Film deutsch / english
  • Yahoo TV - TV Programm mit News und Infos rund ums Thema TV | Yahoo Movies - News, Trailer, Interviews, ...
  • ZergNet
    Discover Interesting Articles in Movies - Gaming - Entertainment - Sports - Food&Drink - Men's Lifestyle

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Historisches / Historical stuff

Siehe auch: TV-Geschichte / TV history

  • Jahr für Jahr
    124 Filme aus 124 Jahren [...] Regelrecht gläsern und fast ohne Scham gewähre ich Ihnen nicht nur Einblick, sondern lasse Sie abstrichlos teilhaben an der Entstehung eines monumentalen cineastischen Buches epischen Ausmaßes [...]
  • Westfälische Filmgeschichte

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Kino & Filmstarts / Fresh movies

  • Cinefacts
  • Cinema
    Kinoprogramm, Filme, DVDs, Stars, Trailer und mehr
    Entertainment You Care About
    Das grösste Schweizer Kinoportal
  • ComingSoon
    Movie Trailers, New Movies, Upcoming Movies, DVD, Blu-ray, TV, Videos, Video, Game, Clips
  • Film-Releases
    Film Release Schedule, Upcoming Movie Release Information and News
  • Filmstarts
    Filme - Kino, TV - DVD - Trailer - Kinoprogramm
  • Movie Maze
    Trailer zu Film, Kino und DVD
  • Movieseum
    Latest Movie Stories, Releases and much more
  • Trailer Seite
    Trailer - Kino - DVD - Film - Stars - News
  • Video Detective
    Movie Trailers, Game Trailers, TV Previews, Music Videos

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Genau betrachtet - Filmfehler / Movie mistakes

  • Breakdown Express
    recognized by the Casting Society of America as a preferred online resource, as the primary distributor of casting breakdowns, and is used by the majority of CSA Casting Directors.
  • Cinemorgue
    "Has so-and-so ever gotten killed in any movies?" and "What's that movie where what'sisname kills such-and-such?" This site will attempt to answer those questions for most of the so-and-so's, what'sisnames and such-and-suches [...]
  • Die Seher
    Referenzseite für Filmfehler im deutschsprachigen Internet [...] ständig wachsende, übersichtliche Liste von Filmfehlern, also Fehlern in Filmen, die man in fast jedem Film findet [...]
  • Movie Censorship
    News about movie censorship and comparisons of alternate versions (Movies, Comics, Series, Games and more)
  • Movie mistakes
    goofs, bloopers, pictures, quotes and trivia from thousands of movies
  • Movie-O - Movie
    Chasing after the Truth behind movies based on true stories
  • Schnittberichte
    Genaue Analysen darüber welche Filme und Serien geschnitten wurden - mit Beschreibung, Zeitangaben und Bildern

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  • Filmwasters
    dedicated to showcasing and promoting the creative side of film-based photography. It is a 100% independent operation designed, managed and financed by 5 friends and it is our likes, dislikes, enthusiasms, prejudices, limitations and energy that will inform its make-up [...]
  • Flickchart
    The Better Way To Rank The Best Movies Of All Time
  • iCheckMovies
    Keep track of what movies you have seen
  • IOFF
    Das inoffizielle Fernseh- und Medienforum
  • myFanbase
    Serien Community
  • Rate Your Music
    RYM is a community-built music and film database where you can rate, review, catalog and discover new music and films as well as participate in contributing to the database itself.
  • Serien Arena
    Serien Community
  • tvforen
    Diskussionsforen rund um TV-Serien und ums Fernsehen

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Filmmusik / Film scores (Soundtracks)

Siehe Musik Ressourcen - Filmmusik / Film Scores (Soundtracks)

Streams / Videoseiten

Siehe auch: Musik-Hyperlinks (Streams/Video) (-::-) Fernsehsender / TV stations

  • AnyClip
    Any Moment, from Any Film
  • BravoFact
    Watch Short Films | Free HD Movies Online – Tiff Film Festivals
    Watch European and Foreign Films Online and on TV
  • KeepVid
    Download online videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch.Tv, Facebook, Dailymotion, Metacafe and more
  • Netzwerk Mediatheken in Deutschland
  • Play TV
    le vrai service de télévision sur internet
  • reelport
    Film submission: Upload your film once only and submit it to multiple international film festivals | Online Video Library: Research in a database of more than four thousand films
  • Sendung verpasst?
    Mediathek für alle TV-Sender
  • TCM - Turner Classic Movies
    Watch Turner Classic Movies
  • WorldCat
    Suchen Sie nach Büchern, Musik, Videos, Aufsätzen usw. in Bibliotheken in Ihrer Nähe | Ihnen stehen 2 Milliarden Bestandsnachweise zur Verfügung

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  • AOL On
  • blinkx
    A simple way to discover and share great videos
  • Channel 4
    Watch Live simulcast
  • Dailymotion
    Videos sehen, veröffentlichen und teilen
  • Flixxy
    The most interesting, humorous and uplifting videos on the net. Updated Daily.
  • Frequency
    Watch the Internet. Find and Play Online Videos from Websites and Social Networks.
  • GodVine
    Christian Videos, Gospel Videos
  • Google Videos
  • Internet Archive
    Movies : Free Movies : Download & Streaming
  • LetMeWatchThis
    Watch Free Movies
  • Metacafe
    Online Video Entertainment - Free video clips for your enjoyment
  • My Damn Channel
    an entertainment studio and distributor of premium content, founded in 2007. The company creates original series for the Internet and television – including comedy, unscripted reality and live variety programming featuring established and emerging talent [...]
  • MyVideo: Österreich (Serien - Filme - Musik - Themen - Webstars - Top100) | Deutschland (Musik - TV&Serien - Filme - Live - Kanäle - Community) | Schweiz (Serien - Filme - Musik - Themen - Webstars - Top100)
  • PBS - Public Broadcasting Service bzw. PBS Video
    Videos of all kinds
  • Podcast
    Radio und Fernsehen, Europas größtes Podcast-Verzeichnis: MP3s, Hörbücher & Video-Downloads. Legal und kostenlos
  • RuTube
    Russisches "YouTube"
  • StumbleUpon Video
    Thumb videos up or down so we can learn what you like. We'll show you more of what you enjoy, and less of what you don't.
    share videos, create collections, upload photos and share it with friends
  • VideoSift
    alternative video community
  • Vimeo - Erstellen - Anschauen - Hochladen
  • Western Mania
    Watch Westerns online free! Streaming full length old western movies
  • Wimp - Best Online Videos (for all ages)
  • YouTube
    Videoportal mit allen nur erdenklichen Arten von Videos
  • Zap2it
  • Zattoo
    Gratis Live-Fernsehen für Deutschland und die Schweiz.

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  • Club MST3k
    Watch Streaming Episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000
    The world's leading provider of archive footage

    provides unparalleled access to content from around the world, captured since 1896. Offering an insight into one of the world's largest historic film collections, ITN Source allows you to discover rare and inspiring footage including historic newsreels, international news and documentaries [...]

  • The Vega Science Trust
    Science Videos | An Independent Broadcaster of Informed Scientific Visual and Audio Media

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B-Movie+Horror Streams -Downloads

    full length b movies online for free
  • Full Horror
    Streaming films and scary movies :: Watch Free Horror Movies online
  • Public Domain Movie Torrents
    Download Movies - Classic Movies and B-Movies for free
  • Quappy
    Fantastic Tales of Crap
  • TV Vault [torrent tracker]
    focuses on television shows, in particular the rare and forgotten ones

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Dreieckiges Warnschild mit einem sitzenden Bauarbeiter, welcher links eine Schaufel hält und mit der rechten Hand eine Bierflasche zu seinem Mund führt

Kaufen + Ausleihen / Buy + Rent

  • Find Any Film
    Movie Downloads, Watch Films Online and more | one of the UK's leading websites for film fans looking to watch, buy, download or rent great films.
  • Flimmit
    unabhängiger Video on Demand Anbieter Österreichs und vertreibt aktuell ca. 2.300 Spiel- und Dokumentarfilme, Fernsehserien, Independent- und Nischenfilme, darunter eine umfangreiche Sammlung österreichischer Inhalte [...]
  • HuLu
    Free TV Shows and Movies - Watch Your Favorite TV Episodes and Movies Online

    for U.S. residents only

  • IFC - Always On Slightly Off
    the home of offbeat, unexpected comedies. Series like Portlandia, Maron and Comedy Bang! Bang! air alongside fan-favorite movies and comedic cult TV shows [...]

    for U.S. residents only

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