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Musical-genres: Content

Ressourcen | Artikel, Blogs, Magazine, Newsletter


Siehe auch / See also: Traditionelle Volksmusik Nordamerikas / Traditional Folk music in north america

Folk allgemein / Folk in general

  • - Folk Music
    Comprehensive Resource | Intro to Folk Music | Artists A-Z | Interviews | Top Ten Lists | Blogs | Bluegrass | Alt-Country | Protest Music | CD Reviews | For Folk Musicians | Concerts/Tours | Folk Festivals | Awards & Best Of | Lyrics & Tabs
  • Acoustic Folk Music
    These pages are a way to share my interest in celtic and traditional, folk music with those who want to perform it using acoustic instruments [...]
  • The Traditional Ballad Index
    is a collaborative effort designed to help people find reference information on folk ballads. It is not itself a source of song texts or of discussion of ballads, although it contains some summary information.
  • Allmusic - Folk
    Significant Albums, Artists and Songs
  • The American Folklife Center
    created in 1976 by the U.S. Congress to "preserve and present American folklife" through programs of research, documentation, archival preservation, reference service, live performance, exhibitions, publications, and training [...]
  • [dmoz] open directory project: Folk
  • Corridos sin Fronteras
    Smithsonian Institution | A traveling exhibition and educational web site celebrating the narrative songs known as corridos, a native Mexican folk music tradition.
  • The California Gold
    Northern California Folk Music from the Thirties collection

    contains multiformat ethnographic field collection that includes sound recordings, still photos, drawings and written documents from a variety of European ethnic and English- and Spanish-speaking communities in Northern California.

  • Cecil Sharp in America
    collecting folk music in the Appalachians
  • Cowboy Songs
    Library of classic western and cowboy songs
  • The Crooked Road
    A place of beauty – a place of song. Experience first-hand how music is woven into the rich tapestry of tradition in Southwest Virginia.
  • DoveSong
    Articles about the music from India, China and Persia (Iran)
  • Dr. Horsehair
    Banjo recordings and instruction books by Bob Flesher in the modern-day clawhammer banjo or frailing style and the old-time minstrel banjo stroke style.
  • Folk Alliance International (FAI)
    has provided advocacy, support, networking, showcase opportunities, and professional development services for the international folk music community since 1989 [...]
  • Folk Music INDEX
    An Index to Recorded and Print Resources
  • The Folk Roots List
    Folk music and dance in the UK
  • Folkarchive
    History in (american) Song
  • FolkLib Index
    Source for folk and acoustic music resources on the World Wide Web.
  • Foxbeard
    Americana - Folk - Bluegrass - Roots | ... here to share great music, and help promote Americana & Folk music. We search high and low, we receive submissions from signed, PR, and independent artists [...]
  • International Traditional Music Society
    preserving and promoting traditional music
  • Roots Music Report
    Radio airplay charts - Album charts - International charts - Reviews
  • RootsWorld
    world music magazine started in 1993 [...] Our focus is the music of the world: Africa, Asia, Europe, Pacifica and The Americas, the roots of the global musical milieu that has come to be known as world music, be it traditional folk music, jazz, rock or some hybrid [...]
  • Smithsonian Folkways
    [...] We are dedicated to supporting cultural diversity and increased understanding among peoples through the documentation, preservation, and dissemination of sound [...]
  • Traditional ChoralWiki
    These scores are generally traditional folksongs or carols. Some of the arrangements may be public domain while others may be new arrangements that the arranger has listed on CPDL [...]
  • Wikipedia: deutsch | english

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  • - Country
    Comprehensive Resource | Artists A-Z | Interviews | Music Lists | Music Charts | Music Reviews | Music Awards | Photos | Country Music 101 | Tour Dates & Festivals | Trivia, Quizzes & Fun | Country Music on the Web
  • ACM - Academy of Country Music
    In 1964, performers Eddie Miller and Tommy Wiggins teamed up with club owners Mickey and Chris Christensen to establish the Country and Western Music Academy. Their vision was to promote country music in the western 13 states with the support of artists based on the West Coast [...]
  • All About Country
    Country Music News & Information
  • Allmusic - Country
    Significant Albums, Artists and Songs
  • AngryCountry
    Honest Country Music Reviews and News
  • Austrian Country Music Federation
    seit 1986
  • Bluegrass
    classifieds, cd reviews, festivals, forums, mailing lists, interviews
  • The Bluegrass Connection
    performers, festivals, labels and more
  • CMT
    News, Music, Radio, TV
  • Country Meeting Point
    Keep it Country! Jutta und Herbert
  • CMA World - Country Music Association
    Offizielle Website
  • Cybergrass
    The Bluegrass Music News Network
  • [dmoz - open directory project]: Country
    Umfangreiche Hyperlinksammlung | mehrsprachig
  • Holzweiler City
    Countrymusic und Westerntanz in Belgien, Deutschland und den Niederlanden; Adressen, Termine, Links, ...
  • IBMA
    International Bluegrass Music Association
  • Insurgent Country Homepage
    Country artists and songs
  • New Jersey Country Music Associates
    Our goal, dedication, and purpose is to educate the public about Country Music and Dance in the New Jersey and surrounding area.
  • New York Metropolitan Country Music Association
    founded in September 1983 for the purpose of promoting country music and dance in the metropolitan area. We are a non-profit organization, and are chartered by the state of New York.
  • No Depression
    The Americana and roots music authority
  • Roughstock
    Country Music Songs, Video, Lyrics & News
  • SBMA (Swiss Bluegrass Music Association)
    Bands, Veranstaltungen, Links, ...
  • Taste of Country
    music news, single reviews, image galleries
  • Thanks for the Music
    Country Music News for the Country Music Enthusiast
  • The Boot
    Country Music News, Music Videos and Songs
  • WMA - Western Music Association
    The Western Music Association is an organization that encourages and supports the preservation, performance and composition of historic traditional and contemporary music and poetry of The West.
  • Wikipedia: Country-Musik | WikiProjekt: Country-Musik | english Wikipedia

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  • Barb Diederich's Handy Bluegrass Links
  • Bluegrass Bios
    Bios & Biographies of the stars of Bluegrass music
  • The Bluegrass Connection
    catalog where you can find Band, Performer, Festival and other types of Official Home Pages [...]
  • The Bluegrass Ireland Blog
    Information on bluegrass and old-time music events in Ireland
  • Bluegrass Today
    News - Classifieds - Discussion Forum - Directory - Opinion - Media
  • Blueegrass Uncut
    articles, bands, festivals, news, ...
  • Bluegrass Unlimited
    A founding member of the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA).
  • Bluegrassworks
    Music - Festivals - Bands - Charts - Reviews
  • Cybergrass
    The Bluegrass Music Network | Where There's Always Something New in Bluegrass
  • [dmoz] open directory project: Bluegrass
  • EBMA - European Bluegrass Music Association
    is a non-profit, professionally run, dynamic and inclusive organisation, that works towards an integrated European Bluegrass scene [...] promotes and facilitates the sharing of Bluegrass enjoyment across borders [...] supports bands, fans, musicians, organisations, professionals [...]
  • IBMA - International Bluegrass Music Association
    the trade association that connects and educates bluegrass professionals, empowers the bluegrass community, and encourages worldwide appreciation of bluegrass music of yesterday, today and tomorrow [...]
  • ibluegrass
    contains more than 61,974 HTML pages of entertainment and information
  • Mandozine
    Mandolin online journal
  • Play Better Bluegrass
    committed to providing the very finest in Bluegrass music, Bluegrass books, Bluegrass videos and dvd's covering various how-to topics as well as illustrating Bluegrass's storied American history [...]
  • Rambles
    Bluegrass, Country, Old-Time & Appalachian
  • SPBGMA - Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America
    a not-for-profit corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of Missouri since 1974
  • WAMU'S Bluegrass Country
    A member-supported public radio.
  • World Wide Bluegrass
    Bluegrass Radio with Live Bluegrass Shows and Interviews

Beratung, Unterricht, Bücher + Noten
/ Advice, Lessons, Books + Sheet music

Siehe auch / See also: Instrumente Hyperlinksammlung / Instrument links

  • ArtistWorks
    Academy Of Bluegrass with Online-lessons on Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar, Fiddle, Dobro, and Double Bass
  • The Bluegrass College
    Bluegrass Lessons Online
  • The Bluegrass Guitar
    designed to be a convenient source of information about the acoustic flat-top guitar and its use in Bluegrass music. Our goal is to help promote traditional guitar and assist players and fans alike [...]
  • Play better Bluegrass
    Music - Gear - Instruments | committed to providing the very finest in Bluegrass music, Bluegrass books, Bluegrass videos and dvd's covering various how-to topics as well as illustrating Bluegrass's storied American history.

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Artikel, Blogs, Magazine, Newsletter, ...

Siehe auch / See also: Ressourcen / Resources

  • Appalachian Traditional Music
    A Short History
  • The Back Porch News
    Folk music around the world; news and information
  • Cecil Sharp in America / Appalachian Traditional Music (a short history)
    collecting in the Appalachians; Appalachian folk music.
  • Cowboy Songs
    Classic western and cowboy songs
  • The Digital Folk Life
    Editors: John McLaughlin and Jamie Downs; promoting folklife, folklore and folkmusic since 1976.
  • Ben Gray Lumpkin Digital Folk Music Collection
    an archive of the folk songs that were collected and recorded by Ben Gray Lumpkin while he was a professor of English at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He traveled throughout Colorado, recording the songs that were remembered and sung by people who were living in Colorado between 1950 and 1970. The original collection contains approximately 2,000 performances by 192 individuals.
  • Folk World
    Online-Journal europäischer Folkmusik
  • Foxbeard Music
    [...] We are here to share great music, and help promote Americana & Folk music. We search high and low, we receive submissions from signed, PR, and independent artists [...]
  • fROOTS
    The essential worldwide folk & roots music guide.
  • The Guardian
  • International Council for Traditional Music
    Yearbook for Traditional Music; Forschungsartikel von 1949–2003 auf deutsch, englisch und französisch
  • John Henry
    - The Steel Driving Man | There are two John Henrys - the man and legend surrounding him. Pinning down the legend is not eas [...]
  • Music matters reviews
    Album-reviews of acoustic music, interviews, concerts, ...
  • Musical Traditions
    Articles, reviews, discographies, ... magazine for traditional music throughout the world.
  • The Living Tradition
    bi-monthly Folk & Traditional music magazine that has been in publication for some years now [...]
  • OffBeat Magazine
    New Orleans and Louisiana music.
  • Penguin Eggs
    The Folk, Roots and World Music Magazine.
  • Sing Out!
    Founded in 1950, the mission of Sing Out! is to preserve and support the cultural diversity and heritage of all traditional and contemporary folk musics. News, Reviews, Magazine, Radio.
  • Welsh Ballads Website
    [...] This website is dedicated to the study of Welsh ballads [...]

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Audio | Video | Musiker | Live | Sonstiges


Siehe auch / See also: Ressourcen / Resources


  • Country Music
    Radio stations
  • Americana Music Show Podcast
    hand-picked, road-tested
  • Americana Radio
    Americana, Folk, Roots and more
  • Bluegrass Junction
    SiriusXM Radio: Bluegrass Music and Bluegrass Songs
  • Bluegrass Radio Network
    America's Favorite Bluegrass Radio Program
  • Country dj
    Largest collection of online Country Music radio stations.
  • Detour
    WTMD's folk, roots, and world music show.
  • [dmoz] open directory project: Country Radios | Folk Radio Programs
  • ezFolk
    1,000+ mp3's from hundreds of folk and acoustic artists; with educational material for: banjo, guitar, harmonica and ukulele.
  • FMA: Country
    Free Music Archive
  • Folk Alley
    Listener Supported Folk Music Resource since 2004
  • Folk Den
    mp3 folk songs with lyrics
  • Folk Radio UK
    UK Music Blog & Radio Station, covering Folk, Roots & Americana.
  • Heavens Gates
    Just a lil bit Country | Sample recordings of traditional bluegrass and country music.
  • The Pickin' Porch Show
    a weekly two-hour Bluegrass and Old-time music show scheduled every monday 7 - 9 PM, hosted by "Your Bluegrass Buddy", Tim White.
  • Radio Forest
    Folk, Bluegrass and Old Time Mountain Music from the Carolina Blue Ridge and beyond.
  • Shoutcast
    Free Internet Radio Stations
    Radio & Chat, Videos
  • Two Steppin' Tunes Jukebox Saloon
    Country Jukebox
  • WSM Online
    650 AM WSM is the most famed country music station in the world. Each day, the station shares country, bluegrass, and Americana as well as the excitement of Music City with friends in Middle Tennessee and listeners around the world [...]
  • WTMD
    Listener supported Radio.

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Label, Kaufen / Verkaufen

Siehe auch / See also: Musik-Ressourcen: Kaufen/Verkaufen - Trade und Label

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Siehe auch / See also: Ressourcen / Resources (-::-) Film, TV & Video Hyperlinksammlung

  • CMT
    Country Music Television - News, Videos, Artists : Online Radio, TV Shows and More
  • Hollywood A Go-Go Television Footage Archive
    Hollywood A Go-Go consists of 52 hour-long TV programs featuring footage of the biggest names in rock, pop, country and R&B music presented in a 60s discotheque setting.

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Musiker / Musicians

Siehe auch / See also: Ressourcen / Resources

  • Folksy Links
    Collection of links to Folk Bands and Musicians online, almost exclusively in the world of European and European-related Traditional Music.
  • The Legend of John Henry
    There are two John Henrys - the man and legend surrounding him. Pinning down the legend is not easy; it's as varied as the thousands of people who have studied, sung and recorded it over the years ...

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Live: Events, Festivals & Konzerte

Siehe auch / See also: Ressourcen / Resources

  • The Crooked Road
    A place of beauty – a place of song. Experience first-hand how music is woven into the rich tapestry of tradition in Southwest Virginia.
  • [dmoz - open directory project]: Bluegrass Festivals |
  • High Sierra Music Festival
    USA - California - Plumas - Quincy

    National and international names in jamband, newgrass and funk. Further genres include bluegrass, roots rock, electronica, reggae, jazz and afrobeat ... with an expanding Family Area full of activities and certified nanny's | Read more on : Wikipedia

  • Planet Bluegrass
    USA - Colorado - Boulder - Lyons

    The Festivals: The Song School | Rocky Mtn Folks Festival | Yonder Mtn String Band's Kinfolk Celebration | Telluride Bluegrass | RockyGrass Academy | RockyGrass

  • Southwest Roots Music
    USA - New Mexico - Santa Fe County- Santa Fe

    a nonprofit 501c3 organization promoting an eclectic array of music—alt-country, folk, Cajun, zydeco, rock, reggae, blues, bluegrass, and world music—through live performances and educational programming featuring local and internationally renowned artists.

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Verschiedenes / Miscellaneous


siehe auch / see also: Charts (@ Musikressourcen)

Songtexte / Lyrics

Siehe auch / See also: Songtexte allgemein / Lyrics in general

Fotografien / Photography

Siehe auch / See also: Fotografie Linksammlung / Photography links

  • Folkimages
    Photos mainly in the North West of England, artist profiles, festivals, venues

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