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Ambient, Avant-Garde, Experimental, Noise & New Age
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  • Alternative Nation
    News | Tonträger | Konzerte | Stories
  • Alternative Press
    New, Features, Reviews, Audio, Video, ...
  • Altrok
    A critical view on music; Rants, Radio, Shows, Swag, Viral, Style
  • Back Again
    CD-Kritiken und Interviews aus dem Independentbereich
  • BurnYourEars
    Musikmagazin für Metal, Alternative, Hardcore & Rock | Reviews, News, Interviews, Konzerte
  • Captains Dead
  • Chaos Control Digizine
    An interactive online music magazine
  • Crud MusIc MagazIne
    News, Reviews, Releases, Radio // Not updated anymore
  • Electrictunes
    Rock, Indie, Alternative | Konzertberichte und -fotos aus Deutschland
  • The Exotica Mailing List
    A mailing list for fans and collectors of weird and unusual music from the early LP era forward ...
  • Fast 'n' Bulbous
    Reviews, Rants & Lists Up the Wazoo
  • Fluxblog
    The very first MP3 Blog founded by Matthew Perpetua in 2002 [...] MP3s are only offered for a limited time and are changed frequently.
    mp3 - Polaroid - Radio - Video

    [...] Gorilla vs. Bear is a Texas-based music blog. Once called “the New Yorker of hipster blogs,” we blog about relevant artists of the day, with no particular genre-specific focus. Newsweek thinks we’re “influential.” [...]

  • The Guardian
  • Headphone Commute
    independent online magazine covering electronic, experimental and instrumental music
  • Helter Skelter
    online magazine with a focus on independent and alternative culture in India. The scope of content includes films, books, theatre, food, music, art, and travel — personal essays, social commentary, human interest pieces, interviews, features, reviews, photography, and lots more.
  • Hybridmagazine
    Interviews, Reviews, Releases
  • impactus
  • Indie Rock Cafe IRC
    Best new music releases, songs and albums, popular bands and DIY artists, playlists and free MP3s
  • komakino (italiano)
    Fanzine about Post Punk, New Wave, Noise, Dreampop, Shoegaze, ...
  • Minor 7th
    Reviewing the best in non-mainstream acoustic guitar music
  • La.Ga.Sta. (Last Gas Station)
    is a music blog based in Athens, Greece. We love driving fast cars looking for new sounds out there. So c’mon kids, join us for a ride. Let the music guide you…
  • largehearted boy
    a music and literature blog
    Portraits, Konzerte, Interviews, Eventkalender, Esskultur, ...
  • Lazy-i
    Blog, Reviews, Interviews, Forum, ...
  • The Muse's Muse
    Submit your CD for Review!
  • Music Emissions
    Alternative Indie Music Review Community
  • music for ants
    a tumblelog about music (for kids who can't read good)
  • Music for Maniacs
    Blog bothering Normal People Since 2004
  • The Music Ninja
    Discover new music everyday
  • Musicfolio
    Gothic - Darkwave - Ethereal - Electro - Industrial - EBM - Synthpop
  • Musique Machine
    Reviews in various genres, mainly independent artists.
  • Obscure Sound
    Indie Music Blog | News - Tracks - Features - Reviews - mp3 Compilations - Interviews
  • Perfect Sound Forever
    A couple of important focuses are: Performers/artists that deserve more recognition, Exploring little known corners of music, Exposing cliches about certain bands and styles of music, Humorous pieces on music, The politics of music / the music of politics, ...
  • Pigeons & Planes
    A Hip Hop and Indie Rock Blog with Free MP3s
    Plattenkritiken, Bands, Alben, VÖ-Kalender, Konzerte, Mixtapes
  • PopCult Magazine
    The obsessive Journal of Quality Pop Culture | [...] My mission, then, was clear: First, to find well-written stories about pop culture topics in the alternative press and convince the writers to give them to me for free. And second, to offer original commentary and humor when I had the time. With this bold formula, I hope to create an online publication that offers quality stories about quality pop culture [...]
  • Pretty Much Amazing
    Reviews - mp3 - Videos - News

    music blog maintained by self-proclaimed music nerds. We were once called “the true keepers of serendipity” in The New Yorker. MTV thinks we’re one of the “best independent music blogs [...] handing out music recommendations, free downloads, reviews and news every day [...]

  • PureVolume
    a website for the discovery and promotion of new music and emerging artists. Each artist has a profile that typically contains basic info, updates, photos, shows and music for streaming [...]
  • Ragazzi
    Website für erregende Musik | News - Reviews - Interviews - Bandstories - Konzerte/Festivals

    [...] Keine täglich aktualisierten News aus dem Musikbusiness, kein Klatsch und Tratsch. Stattdessen Besprechungen von Tonträgern, die auch morgen noch aktuell sind. Interviews, Bandporträts und Konzertberichte, die mehr als nur das typische schwarz/weiß, gut/schlecht beinhalten [...]

  • ReGen Magazine
    Industrial, synthpop, electronic, alternative music
  • Release Music Magazine
    hundreds of interviews and live reports, 1600+ reviews, thousands of short stories etc.
  • Satan Stole My Teddybear
    Online archive for reviews on heavy metal, punk, industrial, electronic, ambient and other music floating both above and below the public radar.
  • SLAM
    Alternative Music Magazin | Interviews, Reviews, ... - deutschsprachig
  • SoundsXP
    self-funded music webzine set up in 2001, entirely based on contributions from unpaid writers [...]

    We publish news, reviews and interviews covering primarily the indie, indiepop, nu-folk and alt-country musical genres but also anything else that takes our fancy.

  • Three Imaginary Girls
    Indie Pop reviews and shows in the Seattle area.
  • Tiny Mix Tapes
    Music and film webzine featuring News - Music reviews - Features - Film
  • We All Want Someone To Shout For
    a New York-based music blog founded by Will Oliver in the summer of 2008 [...] offering you some of the best that new music has to offer. You can expect to find coverage on all the best and latest in the music world [...]
  • Whiskey-Soda
    News, Reviews, Stories, Forum, ...

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    History of Alt/Indie Music, Genres, Artists, Top 10 Lists, Definitive Albums, Reviews, Interviews, Record Labels, Concerts & Festivals
  • Alternative Addiction
    News, Releases, Downloads, unsigned Bands, Audio, Video, ...
  • [dmoz] open directory project: Alternative Rock (english version)
    Umfangreiche Hyperlinksammlung
  • The Exotica Mailing List
    A mailing list for fans and collectors of weird and unusual music from the early LP era forward ...
  • gullbuy music review
    thousands of CD, LP, 12inch and 7inch reviews of underground music
  • Hörsturz
    News - Interviews - Tourdaten - Tonträger - Gallery
    Three guides to hip, strange, exotic records
  • Indiepop Spinzone
    Reviews, Audio, Rants, Links
  • Indieville
    News, Reviews, Articles, Features
  • Johan Dada Vis's Exotiquarium
    annotated & searchable eXotica Releases Overview, reviews, track lists, links, mail order hints...
  • Kevchino
    Indie Music Reviews
  • Mary4Music - Indie Music Portal (englisch)
    DIY, Bands, Musician Gear, Record Labels
  • Modern Rock
    Charts, Band Promotion, CD Store, Alternative Music Reviews
    Alternative Musikpropaganda | Musiknews - Reviews - Stories - TV - Interviews
  • Pitchfork
    The essential guide to independent music and beyond | News - Reviews - Tracks - Features - TV - New Music
  • Plattentests
    Rezensionen zu Rock und Independent.
  • PlugInMusic
    focusing on up-and-coming and established musicians and bands you may never have heard of (and probably some you have) since 2001 [...]
  • The Space Age Pop
    The Web's most comprehensive guide to Space Age Pop, Exotica, Lounge, Cocktail, Incredibly strange, Easy listening, ...
  • Stereogum
    News - Music - Videos - Photos - Lists - Releases
  • TrouserPress
    online here since August 2002, began with the contents of all five Trouser Press Record Guides, those highly opinionated review books of alternative rock. Thanks to many fine contributors, the site now includes loads of new and updated entries — more than 3,000 in all.
  • TweeNet
    The indiepop reference and portal site

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Radio&Streams, Labels, Musiker
LIVE: Events, Festivals & Konzerte


Siehe auch / See also: Ressourcen / Resources - Audio / Video

  • Key Mail Order
    Reliable UK source of Rock, Classic Rock, Indie & Rare Releases
  • Midheaven Mailorder
    Revolver USA is a music distributor. We sell independent label digital downloads, CDs, vinyl, DVDs, magazines, books, and related items to stores all over the world and to other distributors, as well as direct to consumers via our Midheaven Mailorder division [...]
  • Mod Lang Records
    we specialize in UK/Euro imports and indies, classic and rare re-issues, U.S. indies & modern rock. new & used vinyl & CDs & tons of 7"s! plus music memorabilia.
  • RevHQ
    Hardcore, Punk and Independent Music
  • Traxsource
    Traxsource is the ultimate underground music store. Created by DJs for those who desire to discover what lies beyond the mainstream. Traxsource provides the finest blend of upfront underground music downloads on the planet in high def WAV and MP3 formats.

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  • Alternative Radio
  • Aurgasm
    Your favorite music you've never heard
  • Bizarre-Radio
    Webradio, Musikmagazin und Communiy für Alternative, Indie, Rock, Pop
  • Daytrotter
    The source for new music discovery and free MP3 downloads from the best emerging bands.
  • FM4
    Radiostation des ORF (Österreichischer Rundfunk) in Wien | Artikel, Charts, Trackservie, On-Demand Inhalte
    mp3 - Polaroid - Radio - Video

    [...] Gorilla vs. Bear is a Texas-based music blog. Once called “the New Yorker of hipster blogs,” we blog about relevant artists of the day, with no particular genre-specific focus. Newsweek thinks we’re “influential.” [...]

  • Indie Shuffle
    Music Blog :: Discover New Music and Create Playlists
  • KDVS | 90.3FM
    a student-run, community, independent, freeform radio station based in Davis, CA
  • LuxuriaMusic [...] a meticulously curated mixture of musical genres that make up the station’s eclectic alchemy

    [...] especially about ’50s-through ’70s music and entertainment [...] Surf Music, Bossa Nova, Exotica, Space-Age Bachelor Pad, Jazz, Soft-Psych, Sunshine Pop, Wall of Sound, Latin, Go-Go, and Film & TV music of the past 50 years are expertly distilled and blended in order to concoct the “highly intoxicating and sometimes hallucinatory” LuxuriaMusic Sound. Somehow, in this context, it all makes sense [...]

  • Noisetrade
    Free albums from thousands of artists who would love to meet you.
  • OurStage
    Discover great new independent music artists. Free streaming radio
  • Southern Shelter
    „I record live shows as a hobby. Since 2006 I've posted some of the best of my collection of Athens, Atlanta, and national acts here for free download.“
  • Stereogum
    News - Music - Videos - Photos - Lists - Releases

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  • 4AD: Offizielle Website | 4ad-(the perfect antidote) | The eyesore data base | Wikipedia
  • Bella Union: Offizielle Webseite | Wikipedia
  • Bompstore
    [...] one the oldest indie labels around, featuring punk, pop, powerpop, garage, new wave, old school rock, and much more. Since 1974 Bomp! has introduced such artists as the Modern Lovers, Iggy & The Stooges, Stiv Bators & the Dead Boys, 20/20, Shoes, Devo, the Romantics, DMZ, the Zeros, the Weirdos, Spacemen 3, the Germs, Jeff Dahl [...]
  • Crooked Beat Records
    Hard to find new and used vinyl records of Independent Label Music & obscure major label releases (outside the radar of the mainstream). Specialized in Punk/Indie/Classic Reggae/Rock/Soul NEW and USED LPS, (Domestic & Import). [...]
  • Darla Records
    an independent record label founded in October 1993 by James Agren and home to over 200 exclusively distributed labels. The music of the artists on the label includes electronica, indie pop and rock, Americana and ambient.
    nasce a Firenze nel 1977 come CONTEMPO Records, negozio di dischi specializzato in rarità New Wave, Heavy Metal e Rock [...]
  • Flight 13 Records
    Independent Vinyl, CD, DVD, Book und Shirt Mailorder
  • Kaleidoscope Records
    ... new or used vinyl records and CDs [...] Tour programmes, music books and magazines, replacement stylus and a wide variety of accessories [...] high quality reproduction record sleeves.
  • Sub Pop Records
    Founded by Bruce Pavitt and Jonathan Poneman in 1988, Sub Pop Records is a medium-sized independent record label based in Seattle, WA. With early releases by Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, and TAD, the label is often associated with something called “the grunge movement.” [...]
  • T-DT-B
    Punk, Noise, Hardcore, Indie; Non commercial resource on alternative/underground/independent bands & labels
  • XL Recordings: Homepage | Wikipedia
    British independent record label owned by Richard Russell.

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LIVE: Events, Festivals & Konzerte

Siehe auch / See also: Ressourcen / Resources

  • 3k-Fest(ival)
    Deutschland - Baden-Württemberg - Stuttgart - Esslingen - Köngen

    Seit 2002 veranstaltet das Jugendhaus Trafo in Köngen [...] das 3k-Fest(ival) auf dem Burgschul-Areal [...] Motto: Vielseitige Kultur für Alle - zu einem Preis, der niemanden ausschließt.

  • Erntefest All Over
    Deutschland - Niedersachsen - Rotenburg (Wümme) - Bothel-Söhlingen

  • FM4:Frequency

  • Lowlands
    Niederlande - Flevoland - Dronten - Biddinghuizen - Freizeitpark Walibi World

    auch bekannt als A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise | Rock, Pop, Dance, Hip-Hop und Alternative, Kino im freien und drinnen, Kabarett, Ballett, Literatur, ...

  • Olgas-Rock Festival
    Nordrhein-Westfalen - Düsseldorf - Oberhausen

    Festival mit einer Mischung aus Alternative, Metal, Pop, Punk, Ska und Rock bei freiem Eintritt.

  • Palaverama Festival
    Österreich - Niederösterreich - Gmünd

  • Pukkelpop
    Belgien - Flandern - Limburg - Hasselt

    Pukkelpop is a three-day festival organised by Leopoldsburg’s Humanistische Jongeren (“Young Humanists”) which began in 1985. Pukkelpop started life as a small, local music event before becoming an outdoor alternative festival. Pukkelpop has now become one of Europe’s greatest music events [...] || Siehe auch: Wikipedia

Außerhalb der EU

  • Burning Man
    USA - Nevada - Humboldt, Pershing, Washoe - Black Rock Desert

    an annual event and a thriving year-round culture. The event takes place the week leading up to and including Labor Day, in Nevada's Black Rock Desert [...] You're there to breathe art. Imagine an ice sculpture emitting glacial music — in the desert. Imagine the man, greeting you, neon and benevolence, watching over the community. You're here to build a community that needs you and relies on you. You're here to survive. [...] You're here to create [...] You're here to experience [...] You're here to celebrate.

  • POP Montréal
    Kanada - Québec - Montréal

    International Music Festival is an annual not-for-profit curated cultural event that champions independence in the arts by presenting emerging and celebrated artistic talents from around the world [...] Delivering a bold cross-section of art forms and events, the festival includes symposium discussions, artisan and visual art exhibitions, fashion shows, film screenings, and, of course, a few all-night parties [...] the North American festival that provides a dynamic introduction to the next generation of musical talent and independent art forms.

  • PeaceFest
    Kanada - Alberta - Northern Alberta Peace Country - Northern Sunrise County - Peace River

    began its life after a flood devastated the Town of Peace River in the early spring of 1997 [...] PeaceFest consists of a concert of generally alternative music on Friday night along with a town fair. The Main Street of the town is blocked off to set up for the next day’s events [...]

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Discover amazing new music and directly support the artists who make it.

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