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Musik-Genres: Inhaltsverzeichnis
Musical-genres: Content

Siehe auch / See also: JAZZ [interner/internal Link] - Geschichte, Jazzstile, -standards & -harmonik
/History, Jazz styles, -standards & harmony

JAZZ Ressourcen
Bücher, Magazine & Reviews

Jazzstile: Bebop/Hard Bop - Dixieland - Fusion - Latin Jazz - Ragtime - Swing

Jazzgeschichte - Big Bands

Jazz Ressourcen

  • About.com
    Comprehensive Resource | Jazz Music History | Jazz Education | Artist Profiles | Singers | Interviews | Reviews | Experimental Jazz | Jazz Clubs | Festivals | Photos, Lists, & Resources | Grants and Foundations | Glossary | Readers' Opinions
  • All About Jazz
    Articles, Sounds, Videos, News, Photos, Musicians, Events
  • Allmusic
    Significant Albums, Artists and Songs
  • Amherst College
    Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combos, Jazz-based Courses, upcoming Jazz Events, Jazz links, and Calendars
  • Black-Music.org
    Community mit Chat & Forum | Hip Hop, RnB, Soul & Jazz Musik Portal
  • ContemporaryJazz
    The site is dedicated to exposing modern jazz styles, from acid jazz and nu jazz to fusion and smooth jazz.
  • [dmoz] open directory project: deutsch | englisch
  • Document Records
    Vintage Blues and Jazz
  • DownBeat’s Jazz 101
    A Guide to the Music | Jazz must not be the property of an elite few who possess a vast knowledge of the music’s history, performers, nuances and intricacies. But since jazz is a very advanced art form and has such a rich history, it’s important to have a grounding in this tradition to fully understand and appreciate what’s happening on a CD or a bandstand
  • Europe Jazz Network
    [...] The diverse European expressions of jazz, whilst inspired by respect for the American pioneers, have found ideal conditions to develop in Europe and have resounded with their own cultural identities [...]
  • Goethe Institut
    Jazz aus Deutschland
  • Historic American Sheet Music
    Provides access to digital images for over 3,000 pieces from the collection, published in the United States between 1850 and 1920.
  • International Archives For The Jazz Organ (IAJO)
    complete collection of jazz organ (Orgel) music, providing informations about both the records and the musicians, compassing the Jazz Organ Scene Worldwide with a biography of the artists and sample mp3's.
  • Jazz at Lincoln Center
    In the Spirit of Swing. The mission of Jazz at Lincoln Center is to entertain, enrich and expand a global community for Jazz through performance, education and advocacy.
  • Jazz Foundation of America
    Saving jazz & blues...one musician at a time | The Jazz Foundation of America (JFA) is committed to providing jazz and blues musicians with financial, medical, housing, and legal assistance as well as performance opportunities, with a special focus on the elderly and veterans who have paid their dues and find themselves in crisis due to illness, age and/or circumstance.
  • Jazz Online
    the voice of jazz; Blogs, Podcasts, Reviews, Video Interviews, ...
  • Jazz.com
    Jazz Artists | Jazz News | Jazz Blog | Features & Interviews | Music | Visual Jazz | Encyclopedia | Community | Forums
  • JazCraft
    A Unique Resource In Music and For Ideas In Music: printable sheet music by jazz pianist, composer and author G. F. Mlely
  • Jazzguide
    Jazzlinks, Büchern zum Thema Jazz und dem Jazzguide mit vielen Musikbeispielen.
  • Jazzinstitut Darmstadt
    Darmstadt, Deutschland | Das größte Jazzarchiv Europas
  • Jazzstudies
    Free Jazz Chord Charts That You Can Transpose - Fake/Real Book
  • JazzTimes
    Extensive News Coverage - Award Winning Jazz Journalism - Hundreds of CD, Book and Video Reviews - World Class Photography and Award-Winning Graphics ...
  • Mel Martin's Jazz and Saxophone Website
    [..] I am striving to maintain the highest standards in Jazz productions and inform you of the latest innovations with the instruments I play [...]
  • MisterLUCKY
    Jazz Latin Vintage Sounds | Your Musical Communique!
  • music manna
    Jazz, Rock & Pop, Musicals | [...] Music Manna celebrates the amazing diversity of music and tries to trace the roots of different forms of music as we know them today.
  • Orpheus
    Österreich | Jazzlinks im Orpheus Musikverzeichnis
  • Smithsonian Jazz
    Resources & Real Treasures to Explore, Apppreciate, & Experience Jazz
  • Soul-Patrol
    Jazz for people who say that they don't like Jazz | Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Soul jazz, Jazz Blues, Funk, Black History, jazz rock, smooth jazz, The Smooth Jazz Cruise - 2012, Esperanza Spalding, Christian Scott, Grover Washington, Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Lenny White, Berks Jazzfest, Miles Davis, Darren Rahn, Marcus Miller, Chip Shelton, Bob Baldwin, Jason Miles, DJ Logic, Gail Jhonson, Vince Wilburn, Lenny White, Joe Zawinuil, Weather Report, The Rippingtons, ....
  • Sound Insights
    Blogs: Frank Foster - R.I.P. / The Impulse 2-on-1 Series / Gerry Mulligan "Watching & Waiting" / Return to Forever / George Benson "Benson Burner" / Stan Getz | Discographies
  • Wikipedia: Jazz | Portal: Jazz | Projekt: Jazz
  • World Wide Jazz
    Uniting Jazz Fans around the World | to allow listeners and supporters of jazz around the world a chance to congregate with other jazz enthusiasts to share ideas, thoughts, opinions, concerns and appreciation for jazz music. To help you feel like a true part of World Wide Jazz.
  • Yahoo! Directory

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Jazzstile / Jazz styles

Siehe auch / See also: # Jazzinfos (auf dieser/this Website)

Bebop/Hard Bop

  • Bebop and Beyond (The Concept)
    by Mel Martin
  • The Hard Bop Homepage
    This is a site dedicated to the jazz style of the late 50's and early 60's known as Hard Bop.
  • What is BEBOP?
    Excerpts from Billy Taylor's lectures at the Kennedy Center.

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    America's Finest City Dixieland Jazz Society | San Diego Jazz Festival
  • The Arizona Classic Jazz Society
    [...] to promote and perpetuate interest in traditional jazz and support the musicians who perform the music [...]
  • Dixieland Jazz
    All about how jazz is played; Louis Armstrong transcriptions, improvisation lessons, american popular songs, jazz tradition
  • Dixieland Jazz Mailing List
    an open, unmoderated, Internet mailing list dealing exclusively with the discussion of America's original art form, Dixieland Jazz.

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  • CyberFusion
    web site about contemporary jazz in Japanese language. English contents here are only small parts of this web site, just showing examples of Japanese contents those are updated weekly.
  • Fusion Music Masterpieces
    From late 70's to the present; A.O.R, West Coast Pop and some Contemporary Jazz Music (Fusion Music) albums
  • Fusion Revisited
    By Ron Wynn, 1998 Nashville Scene
  • Jazz Rock World
    Hall of Fame, Releases, Links
  • The Jazz/Rock Fusion Page
    This site is dedicated to Jazz Fusion and related genres with a special emphasis on Jazz/Rock fusion; History, Recordings, Reviews, Links
  • JazzFusion.tv
    online collection of live music files.These recordings include some rare, vintage audio from some of jazz fusion's most influential artists. You'll also find audio from other live music projects, plus a compilation of videos. Happy Listening! -Rich Rivkin
  • ProGGnosis
    Progressive Rock & Fusion | Database with 11.400+ artists, 40.500+ releases and 6.400+ reviews; also a Forum
  • Sea of Tranquility
    progressive rock, metal, and jazz-fusion reviews, news, interviews and in-depth concert reviews.

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Latin Jazz

Siehe auch: Lateinamerikanische Musik
  • Allmusic: Latin Jazz
    Significant Albums, Artists and Songs
  • Latin Jazz Network
    Honrando la Tradición | a project dedicated to the promotion of Latin Jazz and the artists who create it. Since (the year) 2000, we have been spreading the word about this wonderful music known under the umbrella term of Latin jazz [...]
  • LatinJazzClub™ Magazine
    Serious Music for Serious Listeners

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Siehe auch: Big Bands
  • ATOMIC Magazine
    Guide to the Retro Revival.
  • RetroSpective
    Articles, Reviews, Podcasts, Forum
    [quasi der Nachfolger des ATOMIC Magazine; siehe hier]
  • Swing Music Net
    History, Radio, Forum
  • SWING.ch
    Lindy Hop in Zürich; u.a. Geschichte, Klassen, Workshops
  • Tuxedo Junction
    Articles about Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller and George Shearing; mp3 swing era hits, jukebox, radio, blogs, photos
  • YAHOO! Groups: The Golden Era of Australian Dance Bands
    A discussion forum/website for all who loved the Australian Dance Bands and band vocalists of the 20's to the 70's ...

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Bücher, Blogs, Magazine & Reviews

Siehe auch / See also: Ressourcen / Resources

  • A Jazz Improvisation Primer
    von Marc Sabatella | die deutsche Übersetzung der Online-Version des Textes A Jazz Improvisation Primer von Marc Sabatella mit Informationen zu fast jedem Thema rund um das Improvisieren in der Jazz-Musik: von der Geschichte des Jazz über Musiktheorie bis zu praktischen Ratschlägen für das Spielen in einer Band.
  • The A Train
    Reviews of classic and fusion jazz albums.
  • Die 100 wichtigsten Jazz-Standards
    Eine Übersicht über die wichtigsten Jazz-Standards, die man möglichst auswendig können sollte. Mit diesem Repertoire deckt man schätzungsweise 70-80% der Stücke ab, die auf Jam-Sessions gespielt werden.
  • Beasley Books (englisch)
    Rare, used, books: jazz, blues, African American, radical, literature, first editions
  • Chicago Jazz
    Chicago's Premiere Jazz Resource: Entertainment and Jazz
  • Concerto
    Österreichisches Magazin für Jazz, Blues, World Music und Pop
  • DownBeat Magazine
    Jazz, Blues & Beyond | News, Reviews, Archives, Jazz School
  • eJazzNews
    Jazz News Website since 2001 | Jazz Releases, Concerts, Reviews and Musician Profiles
  • The Guardian
    Collection of news and comments
  • A History of Jazz
    Definition, Styles, Musicians, Modern Jazz Singers, Clubs, Festivals
  • Jazz & Blues Report
    Seattle, WA | Database of more than 8,000 reviews spanning over 30 years covering jazz, blues and other cool stuff
  • Jazz Inside Magazine: YouTube Channel
  • Jazz Podium
    Deutsche Jazz Fachzeitschrift
  • Jazz Research
  • Jazz thing & Blue Rhythm
  • JazzCorner
    Connecting the dots for the Jazz Community | videos, podcasts, news, jukebox
  • JazzEcho
    Alles über Jazz Musik | Aktuelles - Musik - Künstler - Videos - Termine - Charts
  • Jazzhouse
    The Jazz Journalists Association
  • JazzNewsWire
    The Essential Jazz News Network
  • JazzReview
    your connection to great jazz music
    Magazin für Jazz und Anderes
  • JazzTimes
    Extensive News Coverage, Award Winning Jazz Journalism, Hundreds of CD, Book and Video Reviews, World Class Photography and Award-Winning Graphics, Informative Features and Columns, ...
  • Jazzwise
    News | Gig Guide | Features | Music Reviews
  • Jazz Zeitung
  • Jerry Jazz Musician
    Devoted to Jazz and 20th Century America
  • Kind of Blue
    CD Kritiken, die überwiegend im Jazz Podium erschienen sind.
  • The Lorenz-Pulte Jazz and Blues Page
    by Brenna and Megaera Lorenz; Portraits of Cab Calloway, Blanche Calloway, Louis Armstrong, Don Redman, Fats Waller, Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon, and Lil Johnson; Lyrics, Links
  • The New York Times
    Collection of news and comments
  • Sounds of Timeless Jazz
    Jazz Beyond Category...from Straight to Smooth
  • OffBeat Magazine
    News and Views from the New Orleans Music Scene
  • Rambles: jazz
    Hot, Smooth, Improv & Experimental Reviews
  • rap2soul
    BLACK MUSIC PORTAL | News, Events, Charts aus Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, Soul, R&B, | Urban Lifestyle & Fashion
    Klassik & Jazz Magazin; Rezensionen, Neuerscheinungen, Termine
  • Smooth Jazz Vibes
    News, Reviews, ...
  • World Wide Jazz
    Richard Henry created World Wide Jazz to allow listeners and supporters of jazz around the world a chance to congregate with other jazz enthusiasts to share ideas, thoughts, opinions, concerns and appreciation for jazz music ...

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Jazz Geschichte / Jazz history

Siehe auch / See also: Ressourcen / Resources

# Geschichte des Jazz / History of Jazz (auf dieser/this Website)

  • All that Jazz
    Early Jazz History starting from the late 1800's
  • A History of Jazz
  • A Passion for Jazz
    Music History and Education
  • American Jazz Museum
    Offers a virtual tour through the museum.
  • Basinstreet
    Your Online Source for Historical Jazz
  • Harlem 1958
    Artists, Instruments, Jazz Styles
  • Chicago Jazz Archive
    Collection of early recordings, sheet music, photos and piano rolls
  • A History of Jazz
    Definition, Styles, Musicians, Modern Jazz Singers, Clubs, Festivals
  • Jazz Archive at Duke University
    acquires, preserves, and makes available unique materials that document jazz's historical and ongoing significance. The archive exists to facilitate research and performance at the local, national and international levels [...]
  • The Jazz Archive Site
    dedicated to the history of jazz and to jazz research.
  • Jazz, Hot and Cold
    As originally published by Arnold Sundgaard in The Atlantic Monthly
  • A Jazz Improvisation Primer
    von Marc Sabatella; deutsche Übersetzung der Online-Version des Textes A Jazz Improvisation Primer von Marc Sabatella mit Informationen zu fast jedem Thema rund um das Improvisieren in der Jazz-Musik: von der Geschichte des Jazz über Musiktheorie bis zu praktischen Ratschlägen für das Spielen in einer Band.
  • Jazz: Marking Time in American Culture
    designed to complement MUSI 212, the University of Virginia's introductory course in the history of jazz. Subdivided in chronological periods-- Jazz Roots, Swing Era, and Cool Jazz and Hard Bop--this website provides a social and cultural context for the development and production of jazz music from 1890 through the 1960s [...]
  • Jazz Roots
    Early Jazz History
  • Jazz Standards
    Jazz Standards, Jazz History, Musicology, Biographies and Books
    | siehe auch: Jazzstandards (interner Link)
  • JazzWax
    Marc Myers writes daily on jazz legends and legendary jazz recordings
  • Jerry Jazz Musician
    Devoted to Jazz and 20th Century America
  • Los Angeles Jazz Institute
    one of the largest jazz archives in the world.
  • The Mars Club of Paris
    Paris in the 1950s - Musicians listed playing at the Mars Club on their resume for the status it carried.
  • Montreux Sounds
    The Montreux Jazz Festival video library is the largest testimony of live music recorded on the same stage, both in audio and video, for the past 47 years - more than 4’000 bands among others were filmed in Montreux resulting in 10’000 recording tapes.
  • MoodJazz
    A brief history of Modern Jazz
  • Norwegian Jazz Base
    contains information about the history of jazz in Norway.
  • Photographs from the Golden Age of Jazz
    the William P. Gottlieb Collection

    Comprising over sixteen hundred photographs of celebrated jazz artists, documents the jazz scene from 1938 to 1948, primarily in New York City and Washington, D.C. In 1938 Gottlieb began working for the Washington Post, where he wrote and illustrated a weekly jazz column--perhaps the first in a major newspaper [...]

  • The Real Godfathers of Punk
    Connecting jazz artists (Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Sun Ra,..) with the roots of punk music.
  • The Red Hot Jazz Archive
    A History of Jazz before 1930; Short story about the beginnings of jazz and a brief biography of some of the early artists.
  • Swing Music Net
    Jazz Music and Jazz History | Swing music from the 1930's until today
  • What is Jazz?
    In a four part ARTSEDGE lecture series, recorded live at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., Dr. Billy Taylor, noted jazz pianist, historian, and educator, shares glimpses of his extensive knowledge of jazz music from its roots in the African-American slavery experience, through the early days of ragtime, and onward through swing, bop, and progressive jazz.
  • Wikipedia (englische Version)

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Big Bands

Siehe auch: Swing
  • [dmoz] open directory project: Linkverzeichnis von Big Bands
  • Big Band Library
    They were legends who made timeless music that continues to appeal to many people ...
  • Craig's Big Bands & BigNames
    Vintage reviews from the past ...
  • Solid!
    Encyclopedia of big band music, lounge, classic jazz and space-age sounds.

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(Rag = “zerrissen, synkopiert”, time = “Zeit”) bezeichnet einen in den USA entstandenen Vorläufer des Jazz, welcher zwischen 1899 und 1914 seine Blütezeit hatte.

Siehe auch: Jazz + Ragtime (Geschichte, infos und mehr).

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Radio&Streams - Labels&Verkauf
Musiker | Instrumente | Diskografien | Fotografien | Communities


Siehe auch / See also: Ressourcen / Resources - Audio / Video (-::-) Events, Festivals & Konzerte

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Radio & Streams

Siehe auch: Radio/Streams @ ... Musik-Ressourcen |

  • BBC RAadio 3
    Jazz on 3; Jazz concerts and interviews in streaming audio
  • The Jazz 100 @ Jazz24
  • Jazz After Hours
    a late night jazz radio show hosted by Jim Wilke heard Friday and Saturday nights across the U.S. and parts of Canada since 1984.
  • Jazz am Radio
    Wie wird am Radio über Jazz und Improvisationsmusik gesprochen?
  • Jazz Variations
    Jazz Variations brings you great music powered by the sun (literally!).
  • JAZZ.FM91
    Canadian station
  • Jazz: NPR
  • Jazz24.org
    Welcome to Jazz24 from Seattle & Tacoma, Washington. We feature the greatest jazz artists of all time, like Miles Davis, Billie Holiday and Dave Brubeck; as well as today’s top talents, like Wynton Marsalis, Diana Krall and Pat Metheny ...
  • JazzCorner Jukebox
  • Jazzman Records
    As dedicated record collectors, we at Jazzman love nothing more than discovering good and obscure soul, jazz and funk records.
  • Jazz Internet Radio Toolbar
    Get access to all these great Jazz Radio Stations:88.5 FM KPLU Jazz, 88.9 FM KJLU Jazz, 90.3 FM WWOZ New Orleans,92.7 FM WSJW Smooth Jazz, 98.9 FM KWJZ Smooth Jazz, Sky FM: Bossa Nova Jazz, ...
  • M2 - Jazz
    Radiosender Live aus Paris, Nantes - Frankreich
  • San Diego's Jazz 88.3 FM
  • Soul-Patrol Radio
    Streaming 24/7/365 Black Music: Classic Soul, R&B, Nu Soul, Jazz, Blues, Southern Soul, Rock n' Roll, Funk, Motown, Stax, Slow Jams, Black Rock, Doo Wop, New Releases, Interviews, Commentary and more
  • WFMU
    a listener-supported, non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 91.1 Mhz FM in Jersey City, NJ, right across the Hudson from lower Manhattan. It is currently the longest running freeform radio station in the United States.

    WFMU's programming ranges from flat-out uncategorizable strangeness to rock and roll, experimental music, 78 RPM Records, jazz, psychedelia, hip-hop, electronica, hand-cranked wax cylinders, punk rock, gospel, exotica, R&B, radio improvisation,

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Labels & Verkauf

  • Cheap Thrills
    Mail Order Music | featuring over 10,000 titles of CD's and vinyl records. We specialize in jazz, avant garde, experimental and blues but we also carry many titles in rock, soul, international and other genres.
  • [dmoz - open directory project]: Jazz Label
  • Jazzman Records
    We Dig Deeper | Funk | Jukebox RnB | Instrumental | Tittyshakers | Soul | Jazz | Soul Funk | Jump Blues | Northern Soul | Exotica | Jazz Funk | Beats | Blues | Oddities | Bboy Breaks | Modern Soul | Mod | Latin | Contemporary R&B | Afro
  • Montreux Sounds
    Artists from the Montreux Jazz Festival, 1967 to the present.
  • SendMeMusic
    the online music store for learning Jazz
  • Vintage 1920's Jazz
    Ragtime - Vaudeville - Country - Comic Songs - Cassette & CD
  • World of Jazz
    Custom-made play along mp3 packs or CD: 10 songs of your choice | Play along CDs - Play along mp3 - Songbooks

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Siehe auch / See also: Instrumente allgemein / Instruments in general

  • Bossa Nova
    Song Lyrics and Guitar Chords
  • The Hammond Jazz Inventory
    ...We want to be one of the rare places on the web with a large compilation of information about Hammond organ jazz music. To reach that goal we are developing several activities [...]
  • The International Archives for the Jazz Organ (IAJO)
    [...] Their aims are defined as follows: complete collection of jazz organ music - cataloguing the contents - providing informations about both the records and the musicians [...]
  • Jazcraft
    Printable original sheet music by G. F. Mlely (jazz pianist, composer and author)
  • Jazz Guitar ONLINE
    Lessons | Articles | CD Reviews | Video, DVD & Software Reviews | Instructional Material Reviews | Concert Reviews
  • A Jazz Improvisation Primer
    von Marc Sabatella; deutsche Übersetzung der Online-Version des Textes A Jazz Improvisation Primer von Marc Sabatella mit Informationen zu fast jedem Thema rund um das Improvisieren in der Jazz-Musik: von der Geschichte des Jazz über Musiktheorie bis zu praktischen Ratschlägen für das Spielen in einer Band.
  • IAJO
    The International Archives for the Jazz Organ
  • Schaal's Site
    Instrumente des Jazz, Maultrommel und Co.

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Musiker / Musicians

Siehe auch / See also: Ressourcen / Resources

  • Cosmopolis Musikarchiv
    Biographien und Diskographien von Komponisten und Musikern. Konzert-, Buch-, CD-Kritiken zu Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, World Music, Jazz, Klassik
  • [dmoz] open directory project: Bands & Artists - Jazz & Latin Jazz | Jazzmusiker (deutschsprachige)
  • European Free Improvisation
    Begun in January 1995, EFIP was intended to be a comprehensive information resource for all aspects of the type of music known as European free improvisation [...] | Muscian Discographies, Labels, mp3 and video clips, ...
  • Harlem 1958 jazz portrait
    57 Artists: Short Biography, Instruments and Jazz Styles
  • Heptune Lorenz-Pulte Jazz and Blues Page
    Cab Calloway | Blanche Calloway | Thomas Fats Waller | Don Redman | Louis Armstrong | Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon | Lil Johnson
  • Improvised Music from Japan
  • Jazzaudiowall
    If you like what you hear by these leading and emerging artists, buy CDs directly from them with the click of a mouse!
  • JazzCorner
  • Jazzsight
    Profiles of known artists | Interviews with contemporary jazz musicians | Collection of off-beat jazz anecdotes
  • JazzWax
    Marc Myers writes daily on jazz legends and legendary jazz recordings
  • JazzWorld
    Musicians' web sites and artist profiles
  • The Jazz.com Encyclopedia
    Jazz Musicians – Jazz Biography – Jazz Artists
  • jazzonfilm
    where to find jazz musicians in the movies
  • Mel Martin's Jazz and Saxophone Website
  • NPR
    Jazz Profiles | This documentary series profiles the legends and legacy of jazz. Hosted by singer Nancy Wilson.
  • Wikipedia: Liste von Jazzmusikern (nach Epoche und Instrument | Jazz- und Improvisationsmusikerinnen | Jazzmusiker in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz | Jazz-Musiker | Jazz-Sänger | Jazz-Pianisten)

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Ausgewählte Musiker

Diskografien / Discographies

Siehe auch / See also: Ressourcen / Resources

  • Both Sides Now
    Album Discographies including short histories and illustrative scans of many of the labels.
  • Jazz Discography Project
    Jazz discographies arranged by performers and labels | A collector's guide to jazz music CDs/DVDs, iTunes/MP3s and vinyl records (LPs/EPs/45s/78s, etc.): Blue Note, Prestige, Riverside Records (the big three labels of modern jazz); bebop, cool/west coast, hard bop, modal/mode, free/avant-garde jazz musicians; Miles Davis' personal connections, and more.
  • JazzDiscography
    These are mostly jazz discographies, but country and pop music are represented also.
  • The Jazz Discography
    The Jazz Discography gives you accurate, detailed information on over 100 years of recorded jazz in all genres.
  • Mercury Records Collection
    Mercury record label: High quality cover scans along with discographies
  • Michael Fitzgerald Home Page
    Jazz Research: Discographies, Record Label Listings and Other works in jazz research

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Fotografien / Photographies

Siehe auch / See also: Ressourcen / Resources

# Fotografie / Berühmte Fotografen / William Claxton

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Siehe auch / See also: Ressourcen / Resources

  • Black-Music.org
    Community mit Chat & Forum | Hip Hop, RnB, Soul & Jazz Musik Portal

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