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Magazine & Blogs | Historisches
Gesang: Chor, Oper & Co. | (Gregorianischer) Choral


  • Allmusic
    Significant Albums, Artists and Songs
  • About.com
    A comprehensive Resource to classical music | Articles | CD Reviews | Ariaa Lyrics and Translations | Classical music by period
  • BabelScores
    Contemporary Music Online
    A Baroque Music Sampler, Baroque Composers' Portraits, Rare Baroque Instruments
  • Baroque-Music
    A style of classical music from 1600 to 1750 | Music, Composers, Instruments
  • beckmesser
    Hauptsächlich Neue Musik; Kritiken und Rezensionen, Komponisten, Interpreten, Theorie, Traditionen
  • CCARH - Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities
    Founded in 1984, the CCARH is engaged in the development of large databases of musical and textual materials for applications in research, teaching, and performance.

    MuseData repository (An electronic library of Classical Music Scores) | Themefinder (Classical, Folk, Renaissance, US-RISM, Haydn/Mozart quartet quiz) | Humdrum & Kern resources | alson with Publications and Teaching materials.

  • The Church Music Association of America
    founded in 1874, is an association of Catholic musicians and others who have a special interest in music and liturgy, active in advancing Gregorian chant, Renaissance polyphony, and other forms of sacred music
  • Classical Net
    more than 9000 pages and 20,000+ images including more than 7000 CD, SACD, DVD, Blu-ray, Book and Concert reviews and over 5500 links to other classical music web sites.
  • The Classical Source
    Interviews, CDs, Concerts, News
  • Classical-music
    The official website of BBC Music Magazine | News, Reviews, Downloads, Features, Podcast, Blogs, Composers, Magazine
  • ClassicOL
    Classical music - classical musicians
  • Early Music FAQ
    Reference for European Medieval and Renaissance music since 1994.
  • Early Music in Chicago and Beyond
    Source for news and information about Early Music in the Chicago area and elsewhere.
  • Early Music Links
    Renaissance & Baroque Society of Pittsburgh
  • Early Music Network
    A non-profit organization whose goal is to promote, revive and support historical performance practice all over the world.
  • Goethe Institut
    Klassische Musik aus Deutschland
  • The Guardian: Classical music | Opera
  • Klassik.com
    Klassische Musik von A bis Z: News, CD- und DVD-Rezensionen, Konzertkritiken, Kleinanzeigen, Nachrichten
  • klassik.de
    Portraits, Videos, News, CDs und Noten von Komponisten und Interpreten der klassischen Musik, Veranstaltungen, Konzerte und Opern
  • Klassik Heute
    Tipps, News, Termine, CDs
  • Klassika
    Komponisten, Dirigenten, Textdichter, Gattungen, Begriffe, Jahrestage
  • LiedNet
    the world's largest research archive of texts and translations of art songs and choral works. 131.330+ vocal pieces have been catalogued. 23,515+ translations are available [...]
  • MIZ - Deutsches Musikinformationszentrum
    Neue Musik; Zeitgenössische Musik in Deutschland
  • MuseData
    An electronic library of Classical Music Scores, Sponsored by the Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities (CCARH) at Stanford University
  • Neue Musik bei WDR 3
    von Avantgarde bis Zappa
  • Society for Seventeenth-Century Music
    Dedicated to the study and performance of 17th-Century music
  • temp’óra
    Hat das Ziel, ein internationales Netzwerk zwischen KomponistInnen, ImprovisatorInnen und InterpretInnen zu unterhalten, um dadurch die zeitgenössische Musik bekannter zu machen.
  • Tura New Music
    Australia - Western Australia - Perth

    a not for profit music organisation [...] producer as well as resource centre and advocate for New Music. Founded in 1987 Tura has a proud history of achievement in initiating cultural development in Western Australia from inner city Perth to remote communities of Western Australia.

    Tura presents a year round program of events including: The Totally Huge New Music Festival, Sounds Outback, Scale Variable New Chamber Music Series, Club Zho, ... Tura houses an impressive archive of Western Australian New Music material which is currently being catalogued and prepared for establishing an online archive, in partnership with Edith Cowan University.

  • Wikipedia: Portal:Klassische Musik

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Magazine & Blogs

Siehe auch / See also: Ressourcen / Resources

  • Classical Music in London
    Guide to opera, ballet and orchestral music
  • Codex flores
    Onlinemagazin für alle Bereiche der klassischen Musik; Nachrichten, Editorials, Im Gespräch, Kritiken und Berichte, Dossiertexte, Ensembles, Veranstalter, Musikhochschulen, Fachzeitschriften
  • Concerto
    Magazin für alte Musik; gekürzte Onlineversion
  • Crescendo
    Magazin für klassische Musik und Lebensart.
  • Culturekiosque - Klassiknet
    Culturekiosque brings our readership what's worth it in arts, culture and ideas worldwide, delivering original, largely exclusive coverage and commentary about Europe, North America, and around the world, as well as an event calendar that keeps frequent travelers abreast of significant cultural events worldwide for use in planning trips.
  • Dissonance
    vierteljährlich erscheinende Zeitschrift, die mit wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten, Essays, Analysen und Rezensionen das aktuelle Musikschaffen dokumentiert und kommentiert sowie peer-reviewed Forschungsbeiträge von Musikhochschulen publiziert | herausgegeben vom Schweizerischen Tonkünstlerverein und von der Konferenz Musikhochschulen Schweiz.
    CD-Kritiken und Interpreten-Porträts
  • Gramophone
    Classical Music Reviews, Composers, News, Features, Awards, Hall of Fame, Blogs, Forum, Festivals
  • Klassik.com
    Magazin, Portraits, Professionals, Community
  • Klassik Akzente
    Alte und zeitgenössische klassische Musik; News, Alben, Tonträger, Künstler, Komponisten, Videos, Termine, Charts
  • La Folia
  • Musik& Theater
    Schweizer Kulturmagazin
  • Music & Vision
    concerts, news, releases, guide, ...
  • Musical Opinion
    UK Classical Music Magazine | The first Musical Opinion was published on October 8th 1877 and critically reviewed Brahms' new Second Symphony and in 1879 his Violin Concerto [...]
  • NewMusicBox
    NewMusicBox, a multimedia publication from New Music USA, is dedicated to the music of American composers and improvisers and their champions [...]
  • nmz - neue musikzeitung
    Magazin für klassische Musik, Jazz und mehr
  • Online Music Magazin
    Erstes deutschsprachige Musikmagazin im Internet; mit Beiträgen zu klassischen Veranstaltungen
    Klassik online im Südwesten (Karlsruhe und Umgebung).
    Klassik & Jazz Magazin; Rezensionen, Neuerscheinungen, Termine
  • die Tonkunst
    Magazin für klassische Musik & Musikwissenschaft

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Historisches / Historical stuff

Siehe auch / See also: Ressourcen / Resources

  • AfriClassical
    African Heritage in Classical Music
  • Gallery Music
    English church and chapel music of the 1700s and early 1800s
  • Music Hall
    Virtual Vatican exhibition: „From Gregorian Chant to Opera's Origins“.
  • Prospero - Forum für Alte Musik
    Thema des Forums ist die Musik vom Mittelalter bis ins frühe 20. Jahrhundert in historisch informierter Aufführungspraxis.
  • Rud. Ibach Sohn - Virtuelles Museum, Abteilung Autographen

    Künstlerbriefwechsel, insbesondere mit Künstlern des 19. Jahrhunderts (Johannes Brahms, Franz Liszt, Richard Wagner, Max Reger) sowie im vorigen Jahrhundert gesammelte Briefe prominenter Persönlichkeiten aus Privatbesitz (Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang A. Mozart).

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Gesang: Chor, Oper & Co.
/ Vocals: Choir, opera & Co.

  • Baroque Aria
    Arias from Opera, Oratorio, Serenata and more | Articles, Composers Biographies, Suggestions, Links
  • Cantata Editions Mirror: baroque-music.co.uk
    General Editor: James Sanderson | The baroque cantata repertoire in the 17th and 18th century
  • DoveSong - Western Classical Music
    The Western Classical Music section is dedicated the great musical tradition of the classical music from the occidental world: Plainsong (Gregorian Chant) - Renaissance Sacred Music - Music of the Baroque Era - Music of the Romantic Era
  • Evolution of Opera
    Compiled by M.Tevfik Dorak
  • The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive
    Established 1993, the premier light opera website | devoted to the operas and other works of W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan. We also have some pages relating to other light operas of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Historic Opera
    Images of historic opera singers and composers.
  • A History of Opera in Fifteen Key Works
    Orfeo, Giulio Cesare, Orfeo ed Euridice, Le Nozze di Figaro, Il Barbiere di Siviglia, La Traviata, Tristan und Isolde, Boris Godunov, Carmen, La Boheme, Der Rosenkavalier, Kátya Kabanová, Wozzeck, Porgy and Bess, The Death of Klinghoffer
  • Imagi-Nation: The Origin of Opera | Classical Opera | The Rise of Light Opera
    History of the developments
  • The Legacy of the Diva
    An introduction to the classical singer's vast legacy through recordings and live performances
  • Loeb Music Library - Digital Scores and Libretti Collection
    @ Harvard College Library

    is engaged in an ongoing program to digitize scores and libretti selected for their rare or unique natures and their popularity as objects of research and teaching. By providing online access to historical editions from its holdings, the Library seeks to make primary source materials available for classroom and research use at Harvard and to scholars all over the world [...]

  • The Metropolitan Opera
    Met History
  • Opera Singers of Yesteryear
    Biographies and Audio of early 20th century opera performers.
  • Nancy Thuleen: Serious and Comic Opera in Eighteenth-Century Italy
  • Operas on Vintage Postcards
    Liselotte Erlanger Glozer; Collecting Operas on Vintage Postcards | Opera cards fall into a number of categories: opera houses, opera singers, pictures of real productions or artists' fantasies of stage settings. This article deals mainly with the latter two types.
  • US Opera
    Timeline of American opera since 1845
  • Vocal Area Network
    USA - New York | New York's home for vocal ensemble music
  • Wikipedia: WikiProjekt Oper | Vokalmusik

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(Gregorianischer) Choral / Gregorian choral

  • Abbaye de Solesmes
    Studies of Gregorian Chant in francais, english, espanol
  • AISCGre
    Internationale Gesellschaft für Studien des Gregorianischen Chorals (deutsch, italiana, hispana, jeęzyk polski)
  • Das Benediktinische Brevier
    Archiv gregorianischer Psalmgesänge
  • Canto Gregoriano
    von Christof Nikolaus Schröder | Informationen rund um den Gregorianischen Choral
    A Database for Latin Ecclesiastical Chant; Indices of chants in selected manuscripts and early printed sources of the liturgical Office
  • CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Gregorian Chant | Plain Chant
    Brief description and history of Gregorian an Plain chant
  • Classical Net
    Chant Collections
  • FSSP - Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri
    The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter | North American District of the FSSP: Audio (Chant)
  • Global Chant Database
    Database of Melodies and Texts of Gregorian Chant; Online tool for searching plainchant melodies in medieval sources and new editions
  • The Gregorian Association
    London, England | Founded in 1870 to promote the study and practice of plainsong
  • Gregorian Chant - Select Bibliography and Websites
    The Order of Saint Benedict
  • Gregorian Chant Notation
    Description of the traditional Gregorian Chant notation, so that anyone will be able to read the notation and sing it.
  • Gregorian Schola
    of St. Joseph Parish, was founded by Br. Christian Guertin, FFSC in 1993 as both a performing group and a study group dedicated to the cultivation, study, and promotion of Gregorian chant as a musical art.
  • Gregorianischer Choral
    «Gregorianischer Choral in der Gemeinschaft der Mönche» sowie weitere Texte
  • Grundlagen des Gregorianischen Gesangs
    Von Markus Bautsch | Der Gregorianische Choral stellt hohe Anforderungen an die Ausübenden, da bei der Interpretation viele Aspekte berücksichtigt werden müssen. Ausgehend vom Verständnis der Liturgie des Römischen Ritus, der lateinischen Sprache und der gregorianischen Neumen, sind musiktheoretische und theologische Kenntnisse sehr nützlich [...]
  • Norma Gentile
    Healing Chants - Gregorian Chant recordings
  • Unmercenary Sacred Music
    Dedicated to providing free congregational liturgical music for Orthodox and Catholic communities. The prevailing standard on this site is congregational participation in worship of the undivided Trinity using traditional ecclesiastical chant [...]
  • Viri Galilaei Association: Gregorian Chant
    Formed in 1985 by the director, Enzo Ventroni. Assisted by experts, the members train on both a vocal and interpretative level and are in direct contact with the monastic tradition including seminars in Cremona held by AISCGRE (International Association of Gregorian Chant Study).
  • Wikipedia: Gregorianischer Choral | Portal:Chormusik | Portal:Gregorianik

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Audio / Video | Interpreten, Komponisten

Audio / Video

Siehe auch / See also: Ressourcen / Resources

Kaufen/Trade & Label

  • Classical Archives
  • Concilium musicum Wien
    wurde im Jahre 1982 von Paul und Christoph Angerer gegründet, um Werke des 18. Jahrhunderts auf Originalinstrumenten zu musizieren. Im Laufe seiner Entwicklung erweiterte sich das Repertoire des Ensembles kontinuierlich. Heute ist das Concilium musicum Wien für sein umfangreiches musikalisches Spektrum - von Musik der Barockzeit bis hin zur Tanzmusik des 19. Jahrhunderts - bekannt [...]
  • [dmoz] open directory project
    Labels (-::-) Verlageder klassischen Musik
  • Naxos
  • Really Good Music, LLC
    was formed to feature music that was not being made available. Our unique purpose is to provide music that is of high quality, music that will not be taken out of print, music by composers of high regard and outstanding promise and music for which the composer is fairly compensated. | Genres categorized in classical instruments and band size.

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Kostenlos / Free

  • All of Bach
    Every Friday, you will find a new recording here of one of Johann Sebastian Bach’s 1080 works, performed by the Netherlands Bach Society and many guest musicians.
  • Classical Connect
    the free classical music site! Featuring thousands of recordings of classical music by piano, violin, flute, ... practically every instrument.
  • Classical Music of St. Petersburg, Russia
    Free classical music downloads: Emsembles, Symphonic, Vocal, Choiral, Viola, Cello, Harp.
  • Classical Piano / Mirror
    All classical (including Jazz)" All" piano*
  • Classical Piano Midi Page
    Contains music files of different formats for all friends of classical music. The pieces are developed at a digital piano by means of a sequencer on MIDI base and then converted to audio formats. In addition some scores and audios, showing the scores during playing, are available. The archive is extended permanently.
  • ELIXIR's MIDI Page
    for Classical Guitar
  • Freddie's MIDI Page
    My little set of classical MIDI
  • Free Music Archive: Instrumental
    Interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America. Radio has always offered the public free access to new music. The Free Music Archive is a continuation of that purpose, designed for the age of the internet.
  • Fulda Symphonic Orchestra
    Music played by the Fulda Symphonic Orchestra (in German). The music is available under the EFF Open Audio License Version 1.0. | 4 CDs recorded between 2000 and 2003
  • Hear The Choirs Sing
    A list of sites that offer choral music audio clips
  • James Kibbie
    Free downloads of the complete organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach, recorded by Dr. James Kibbie on original baroque organs in Germany, are offered on this site.
  • The Internet Renaissance Band
    Early music midi files by Curtis Clark: Music of the Renaissance - Mediæval music - European carols: Mediæval, Renaissance, and traditional - Original compositions
  • Kunst der Fuge
    The largest classical music resource in .mid files
  • Learn Choral Music
    with Madrigals, Carols, and other Part-music pieces in MIDI
  • Lisztonian
    Free Classical Piano Music
  • MIDIWorld
    Free Download of Classical MIDI files
  • Music for Pianos
    MIDI files: Self sequenced, files produced by scanning paper Piano Rolls from the 1920's Jazz era | Genres: Ballet, Classical, Christmas, Jazz, Pop, Musicals, Opera, Operetta, ...
  • Musicstudents
    Free Sheet Music and Play-Along Soundfiles (Classical, Traditional, Jazz, Blues, Exercises)
  • The Piano MIDI Connection
    for the piano enthusiasts | From Bach to Beethoven, from Mozart to Rachmaninoff, from Haydn to Liszt
  • PianoMidi
    Classic Short Piano Pieces MIDI & .mp3 Concert by SayaTomoko (last modified ---July/31/2005).
  • Ramon Pajares Box's
    Classical Music Files, Sequences and Transcriptions (MIDI, NWC, MP3, )
  • Stan's Music Page
    Stan's Classical Music MIDI Archive
  • String Quartets
    dedicated to all who delight in classical chamber music in general, and its most sublime form - the String Quartet - in particular. The site offers a large collection of 'raw' MIDI files of complete classical chamber music works.
  • SuperConductor®
    MICROSOUND International Ltd. | A Revolution in Music; Listen to or Download these MP3 Music Files Interpreted by Manfred Clynes using SuperConductor II
  • Tirol's midi works
    some of the classical midi files that I have made.

  • A-M Classical
    Free classical mp3 downloads
  • Berne Union Band Program
    Downloads of free music, also classical pieces (paeticulary the wind and brass ensemble sections), performed by student ensembles.
  • Cantata Singers of Ottawa
    music selections of the choir from concerts from over the years and from our CD of Christmas music (all selections are in the MP3 format.)
  • Classic Cat
    Free classic music directory, sorted in different categories (mainly composers).
  • Columbia University Orchestra
    Live concert recordings: Beethoven, Brahms, Debussy, Dvořák, Haydn, Lalo, Mahler, Mozart, Pärt, Prokofiev, Ravel, Schubert, Wagner
  • Dimitris Sgouros
    Free MP3s and VIDEOS of works by Chopin, Beethoven, Liszt, Mozart, Rachmaninov, etc., performed live by gifted Greek pianist Dimitris Sgouros
  • Early Music - Classical Guitar Ensemble
    Recordings of 2, 3, 4 and 5-part songs and instrumental music from the 14th thru 19th Centuries
  • Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum : Music Library
    Classical concert recordings, played by the Gardner Museum in Boston.
  • IMSLP - Petrucci Music Library
    Free Public Domain Sheet Music; includes also recordings
  • IJCC - International Journal of Contemporary Composition
    Fee Music Sheets and .mp3 Downloads
  • Madison Chamber Choir
    Choral music by composers like Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, Libby Larsen, Aaron Copland/Glenn Koponen, Rodney Money, Felix Mendelssohn , Edward Elgar, G.P. da Palestrina
  • Mangiocavallo, Luigi
    | Luigi Mangiocavallo: violinist, orchestra conductor and composer - „first world recordings of XVIII and XIX century italian music with baroque violin and original instruments“ original compositions, arrangements, music for theatre, film and tv |

    Free CD Downloads of music by: Paganini, Veraicini, Boccherini, Bonporti, Pugnani, Rolla, Gade, Heise, Cambini

  • Mechanical Mozart
    Dedicated to some of Mozart's most intriguing late instrumental works: the two tremendous F minor ‘Fantasias’ K.594 and K.608 composed for mechanical organ or Flötenuhr [...] - FM-synthesized

    and it's annex

    Electrifying Mozart
    The pieces linked to this page show Mozart the Master of Counterpoint, having fully assimilated Bach and Haendel's awe-inspiring demonstrations of polyphonic art. Like the Fantasias for mechanical organ, the music lends itself remarkably well to strict FM-synthesized treatment.

  • MOZART-TURM DEUTSCHLAND (Mozart Tower Germany)
    Riesiges (vollständiges?) Archiv an Aufnahmen von Mozarts Werken.
  • Musiceducationworld
    MP3 Recordings: Piano Music, Choral Music, Jazz Ensemble
  • musikethos (english/italiano)
    stems from the idea of promoting the musical creations and interpretations of a group of artists intending to gain a heterogeneous international audience through the free distribution of recordings not available on the market. In one year of existence, users have downloaded from Musikethos.org more than 500 Gigabytes of free, legal music [...]
  • Musikkollegium Winterthur
    Kostenlose Musikdownloads von Werken verschiedener Komponisten, gespielt vom seit 1629 bestehenden schweizer Orchester | Free Music Downloads of works by different composers, played by the swiss orchestra (established 1629)
    A non-profit focused on increasing access to music by creating free resources and educational materials. We provide recordings, sheet music, and textbooks to the public for free, without copyright restrictions. Put simply, our mission is to set music free.

    Featured Composers: Bach, Beethoven, Borodin, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Schubert

  • Nicolas Christou
    A bass-baritone singer who offers opera excerpts by different composers (Mozart to Wagner).
  • Oni Buchanan
    Concert pianist and poet providing downloads of solo piano music.
  • Open Goldberg Variations
    Free download of J.S. Bach's masterpiece, played by Kimiko Ishizaka, piano.
  • Pandora Records
    Recordings done by Pandora in the 1970s and 1980s, available for free download in ogg-vorbis or .mp3
  • Piano Society
    Free Classical Recordings | A large collection of more than 5,000 high-quality classical keyboard recordings, produced by our artists consisting of both professionals and skilled amateurs. Visitors can find a wide range of music by famous as well as lesser-known classical composers [...]
  • signes
    by Nobuyoshi Tanak
  • Sound of Singakademie Tsukuba
    Choral music recordings of the Tsukuba choir
  • Trombone Choir Sounds
    Baroque to contemporary pieces.
  • Washington Musica Viva
    mp3 recordings (and some mp4 videos) are available for your use under the Creative Commons license | known classical composers and some lesser-known modern composers

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Radio / Streams

  • Beethoven.com
    The World's Classical Radio Station
  • [dmoz] open directory project: Classical Radio
  • HOASM - Here Of A Sunday Morning
    Early Music Sundays over WBAI 99.5FM in New York
  • M2 - Classic
    Radiosendern Live aus Paris, Nantes - Frankreich
  • Ö1
    Ein Radioprogramm des ORF (Österreichischer Rundfunk).
  • Organlive
    A listener-supported internet audio station with a focus on music of the classical organ. We maintain a growing library of music that currently contains over 16,000 tracks. Our library features classical organ music performed on pipe, electronic, and combination instruments recorded all over the world.
  • Radio neue-musik.fm
    Klassik des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts
  • SR 2
    KulturRadio des Saarländischer Rundfunks.
  • SWR2
    Ein Radioprogramm des Südwestrundfunk, ein Mitglied der ARD.
  • WDR
    Webradio des Westdeutschen Rundfunks Köln; mit sämtlichen Programmen des WDR-Radios sowie die Programmschleifen von 1LIVE und Funkhaus Europa in einem Player (Flash Player).

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Interpreten / Interpreters

  • BDLO
    Bundesverband deutscher Liebhaberorchester e.V.

    Der Dachverband der Laien-Sinfonie- und -Kammerorchester in Deutschland. Ihm gehören derzeitig 754 Mitgliedsorchester mit etwa 26.200 Mitspieler/inne/n an. Die meisten Mitgliedsorchester sind als selbständige Orchestervereine organisiert oder es handelt sich um Orchester größerer Institutionen, also bspw. Universitätsorchester oder Musikschulorchester [...]

  • Choir & Organ
  • Classical Artists Worldwide
    Primarily a professional artists' directory for the classical music industry. Established in 1997, its aim is to provide the most comprehensive directory of professional musicians, ensembles and orchestras in the world, and to help artists to maximise their publicity by using the power of the Internet. It is not an agency and does not undertake any form of representation [...]
  • Classical Singer
    Find Jobs, Opportunities, Community
  • ClassicOL
    Classical music - classical musicians
  • Cosmopolis Musikarchiv
    Biographien und Diskographien von Komponisten und Musikern. Konzert-, Buch-, CD-Kritiken zu Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, World Music, Jazz, Klassik
  • [dmoz] open directory project: Interpreten / Orchestras der klassischen Musik
    siehe auch: englische Version/Classical
  • Ensembles für Alte Musik
    Deutsches Musikinformationszentrum
  • Klassika
    Komponisten, Dirigenten, Textdichter, Gattungen, Begriffe, Jahrestage
  • Kronberg Academy
    Ausbildung/Studium, Konzertprogramme
  • LBWL
    Landesverband Baden-Württembergischer Liebhaberorchester; ist der Verband für alle Amateurorchester in Baden-Württemberg, ob Kammer- oder Sinfonieorchester.

    Gemeinsam mit dem Dachverband, dem Bundesverband Deutscher Liebhaberorchester e.V. (BDLO), werden die Interessen der Orchester vertreten und Unterstützung und Hilfe in allen wichtigen Fragen des Musizierens angeboten [...]

  • Musinfo
    Datenbank zur Schweizer Musik; Komponisten, Interpreten, Improvisatoren, Ensembles, Musikschriftsteller, Biographien, Werklisten, Repertoires, Literatur und Bilder zum Schweizer Musikschaffen in Gegenwart und Vergangenheit
  • das Orchester
    Online-Ausgabe der seit 1953 herausgegebenen Zeitschrift der Deutschen Orchestervereinigung und Schott Music.
  • Wikipedia: Liste klassischer Pianisten

Orchester / Orchestras

Dreieckiges Warnschild mit einem sitzenden Bauarbeiter, welcher links eine Schaufel hält und mit der rechten Hand eine Bierflasche zu seinem Mund führt

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Komponisten / Compposers

  • Ausgewählte Komponisten
    Komponistenverzeichnis mit vielen Informationen wie Lebensdaten - weiterführende Links - ausgewählte Literatur - Notensuche - empfehlenswerte CD Aufnahmen, ...
  • Austria-Forum
    Musik-Kolleg Online: Biographien großer Komponisten; Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Bruckner, Strauß, Brahms, Schönberg, Hauer, Schiske
  • Classical Artists Worldwide
    Primarily a professional artists' directory for the classical music industry. Established in 1997, its aim is to provide the most comprehensive directory of professional musicians, ensembles and orchestras in the world, and to help artists to maximise their publicity by using the power of the Internet. It is not an agency and does not undertake any form of representation [...]
  • The Classical Music Navigator
    Composers categorized in: style/period, best known for, notable works, musical influences, has influenced
  • Cosmopolis Musikarchiv
    Biographien und Diskographien von Komponisten und Musikern. Konzert-, Buch-, CD-Kritiken zu Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, World Music, Jazz, Klassik
  • [dmoz] open directory project: Komponisten / Composers der klassischen Musik
  • Klassik.com
    Portraits von Komponisten aus Renaissance, Barock, Klassik, Romantik, Impressionismus, Expressionismus
  • Klassika
    Komponisten, Dirigenten, Textdichter, Gattungen, Begriffe, Jahrestage
  • Komponisten
    Zeitgenössische Komponisten, über ihre Werke, Uraufführungen und mehr.
  • Musicalics
    The Classical Composers Database
  • Musinfo
    Datenbank zur Schweizer Musik; Komponisten, Interpreten, Improvisatoren, Ensembles, Musikschriftsteller, Biographien, Werklisten, Repertoires, Literatur und Bilder zum Schweizer Musikschaffen in Gegenwart und Vergangenheit
  • The Porpora Project
    Nicola Antonio Porpora, celebrated Neapolitan composer and singing teacher, Porpora's ability to set the Italian language to music was internationally acknowledged during his lifetime.
  • Russisches Musikarchiv: Russische Komponisten
  • The Scarlatti Project
    Music and Research into the composer Alessandro Scarlatti
  • Unknown Composers
    [...] classical music that for whatever reason isn't often heard, but deserves to be. IMHO, of course [...]
  • Volkers Klassikseiten J.S. Bach
    von der Renaissance bis zur Romantik
  • Wikipedia: Liste deutscher Komponisten klassischer Musik
  • Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical Era Music: Composers
    Gordon J. Callon

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Ausgewählte Komponisten

Dreieckiges Warnschild mit einem sitzenden Bauarbeiter, welcher links eine Schaufel hält und mit der rechten Hand eine Bierflasche zu seinem Mund führt

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  • Cadenza
    Resources and Information for contemporary and classical music and musicians.
  • Chamber Music 2000
    a project set up by the Schubert Ensemble in 1998 to provide challenging but technically accessible repertoire for young musicians and amateurs and to broaden awareness and performance of the work of Britain’s most successful and distinctive living composers [...]
  • Chamber Music America
    The national service organization for ensemble music professionals. Our members are thousands of individual musicians, ensembles, presenters, artist managers, composers, educators and others in the national chamber music community.
  • J.S. Bach und die Cantata Pilgrimage 2000
    und sonstige Klassik-Themen von der Renaissance bis zur Romantik.
  • Kritische Masse
    Musikkritiken, musikalische Werkanalysen, Werkeinführungen (von Beethoven bis Lachenmann).

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