Lateinamerikanische Musik
/ Latin-American Music


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Lateinamerikanische Musik / Latin-American Music

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    Comprehensive Resources | Basics - 101 | Genres / Styles | Artists A - Z | CD / Music Reviews | New Releases | Best of Latin Music | Music Awards | Photo Galleries | Concerts / Events | TV, Radio, Charts & Blogs
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    Significant Albums, Artists and Songs
  • Argentour
    Brief description of Tango and some artists information
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  • Bossa Nova Music & More
    Paulo Bitencourt - Musician, Voice-Over Artist & Photographer
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  • Brazilian Music
    Samba, Bossa Nova, Brazilian-jazz | Artists - Legends - Interviews - Articles
  • Brazzil - Musical Cauldron
    Historical | Over the course of the last five centuries, Portuguese, African, and—to a lesser extent—Amerindian rhythms, dances, and harmonies have been mixing together, altering old styles and creating new forms of music in Brazil [...]
  • Conjunto Accordion Players
    "Yo soy de aqui", Photographs by Daniel Schaefer | Photographic Exhibition of Central Texas Conjunto Accordion Players
  • Daniella Thompson: Musica Brasiliensis
    Magazine Articles: Essays, interviews and critiques - Disc & Book Reviews - The Boeuf Chronicles - Ary Barroso, Giant of Brazilian Song - Discographies
  • Dicionário Cravo Albin da Música Popular Brasileira (portugiesisch)
    Com cerca de doze mil verbetes e em constante atualização, a versão on-line do Dicionário Cravo Albin é uma obra de referência para os estudiosos da música popular brasileira [...]
  • [dmoz - open directory project]: Latin
    Umfangreiche Hyperlinksammlung
    the guide of salsa
  • Joe Sixpack's Brazilian Music Guide
    [...] The goal of this site is to steer people towards records that I think are good -- and warn them about some that I think are...*ahem*... not so good. I've tried to be as thorough as possible, providing discographies for numerous artists and reviewing as many albums as I could lay my hands on [...]
  • 'LA'Ritmo
    Latin American' Music Magazine
  • Maria-Brazil
    A Selection of Brazilian music and popular crafts, dances, artists, and festivals from Brazil [...]
  • Mariachi Plaza Los Angeles
    Dedicated to the Mariachis of Mariachi Plaza and the Boyle Hotel
  • Música fronteriza
    by Manuel Peña | Several years ago, Américo Paredes proposed that a geographic border be defined as "a sensitized area where two cultures or two political systems come face to face" [...]
    Article at the Texas State Historical Association's Website
  • Narcocorrido
    Elijah Wald | A Journey into the Music of Drugs, Guns, and Guerrillas; This is the first full-length exploration of the contemporary Mexican corrido [...] one of the most popular music styles in the Latino market [...]; a description of the book.
  • Norteño
    Article: „The Unofficial Conjunto Primer for the Uninitiated Music Lover“
  • PBS: Accordion Dreams
    All About Conjunto
  • Puro Mariachi
    Not updated anymore but contains plenty of Marichi-links
  • Remezcla
    Latino Culture & Event Guide
  • Rhythmweb
    an educational resource for those studying World Percussion and World Music [...] a jumping off point to many different rhythmic musical traditions.
  • The Roots of Tejano and Conjunto Music
    are as widespread and diverse, and run as deep, as the traditions, cultures and people which gave them life. The main root is the music of Mexico with all its regional and class variations [...]
  • Salsa Magazine
    Documented History of the 1970s Salsa Explosion Profiles of Latin Music Legends and Historical Events [...] Salsa Star Photos, Posters, Graphics & Memorabilia [...]
  • Samba en France (français/english)
    The French Samba Home Page | dedicated to this kind of Brazilian street music and dance in France. It is aimed to promote sharing of ideas, resources, contacts and experiences, to promote a greater awareness of samba, and to make it known by all [...]
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  • Sounds and Colours
    South American music and culture magazine | Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela
  • Sources in Cuban Music
    by Dr. Olavo Alén Rodríguez | Cuban roots of Salsa
  • Tango Argentino History: Music and Dance
  • Tango DJ
    Resources and links
  • Tejano Music Awards
    Texas Talent Musicians Association established 1980
  • Tejano Music National Convention
    USA - Nevada - Clark - Las Vegas

  • The Truth About Calypso Music
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  • Vinyl Safari
    Central & South America - Artists and Discographies: Brasil | Calypso | Haitian/Voodoo/Shango--West Indian Cult Music: Latin/Afro-Cuban | Santero/Bata--Cuban Cult Music | Latin Jazz | Latin Soul/Latin Funk | Latin Rock | Latin Twist | Cumbia
  • World Samba Homepage
    Samba groups and activities | Email list - Articles - News - ...

  • The Bongo Page
    devoted to the art of bongo drums, bongo drumming, and bongo drummers..
  • Congas & Percussion
    Kongas und afro-kubanische Perkussion. Geschichte der kubanischen Musik, Instrumente, Kurse in Kuba, Lernmethoden, Inserate, Mp3, usw.

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Musiker / Musicians

Geordnet nach den Vor- bzw. Künstlernamen (wie üblich im Brasilianisch-portugiesischem)

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Audio / Video

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  • FMA - Free Music Archive
    Latin America | an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America. Radio has always offered the public free access to new music [...]
    Latin music - artists, events, videos
  • Panamérika - español
    Mexican radio station with new and alternative music from across Latin America - Events - Videos ...
  • TejanoVibes

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Labels & Kaufen/Trade

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  • Ahí-namá
    Cuban styles from classical and folk to timba; with Blog and Music-TV
  • Bembé Records
    Latin Jazz - Salsa - Folkloric ...
  • DYM -Danza Y Movimiento
    We invite you to a world of latin american music, culture and dance.
  • Costa Norte Records (español / english)
    As perhaps the only venture of its kind in Honduras and one of the few in Central America, Costa Norte Records is an independent record label, committed to the production of quality material from some of Honduras and Central America's best-known artists [...]
  • Descarga
    [...] focus specifically on Afro-Latin music ranging from salsa and Afro-Cuban Latin jazz to rumba and folkloric lucumí/santeria [...]
  • Hacienda Records
    [...] has established itself as one of the premier Latin record labels and recording studios in the world and boasts a catalog of many albums that specialize in Tejano, Traditional Tex-Mex, Conjunto and Norteño music. In addition, Hacienda offers some of the best Banda, Merengue, Duranguense, Rock En Español, Gospel and Christmas music in the business [...]
  • Music Front Latin
    a supplier of Latin Cds and DVDs [...] supplying our Latin Enthusiast with Latin Music Cds,DVDs,Telenovelas and Movies in Spanish through our online service 24/7.
  • Puro Conjunto
    Traditional Puro Conjunto Music
  • TangoCD
    The Latin Music network | Spanish Audiobooks, CD, DVD; Latin, classical, rock or pop.

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  • Endirecto
    Booking Agentur - Eventveranstalter - Label | Leidenschaftlich, sinnlich und voll von Emotionen – so präsentiert sich die Kultur, vor allem aber Musik und Tanz der iberischen Halbinsel und Lateinamerikas. Diese in Europa zugänglich und bekannt zu machen, ist das Ziel von Endirecto [...]
  • Humboldt State University College
    USA | California | Humboldt County | Arcata

    of eLearning & Extended Education presents the annual Explorations in Afro-Cuban Dance & Drum workshops to celebrate the folkloric music, songs, and dances of the Afro-Cuban people.

  • Las Cruces International Mariachi Conference
    USA - New Mexico | includes concerts and a festival which are open to the public [...]
  • Mariachi USA
    USA - California - Los Angeles - Hollywood - Hollywood Bowl

    The Festival was founded and created by artist/producer, Rodri J. Rodriguez, as a way for generations to share in the musical tradition with the sounds of beautifully crafted music and the rich colors of costumes and ballet folklorico [...]

  • Mariachi4u
    Mexiko / USA / Europe | Find Mariachis in your area
  • Remezcla
    USA | Latino Culture & Event Guide for Chicago - Los Angeles - Miami - New York - San Francisco - Phoenix
    Deutschland | Aktuelle Salsa Termine - Reisen - Kongresse - Konzertberichte
  • Salsaparty
    Deutschland | Salsa Events (Parties, Kurse etc...) die in Regensburg und Umgebung stattfinden.
  • Sals@lemania
    Deutschland | Musik - Events - Tanzpartnersuche - Clubs - Tanzschulen
  • Serenata Mariachi
    USA and Southamerica + Slovenija

    Find Mariachis near you - Select the Mariachis of your interest - Submit a Request and get contact info

  • Soleando
    Vermitteln professionelle Künstler aus den Bereichen Flamenco und Jazz für Anlässe jeder Art. Dazu gehören größere und kleinere Events, Firmenfeiern, Hochzeiten und Messeveranstaltungen [...]

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