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Sheet music - Arrangements - Compositions - Scores



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  2. Beratung, Unterricht, Bücher + Noten/ Advice, Lessons, Books + Sheet music

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Musical-genres: Content

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Notenblätter - Arrangements - Kompositionen - Partituren / Sheet music - Arrangements - Compositions - Scores

Siehe auch / See also: das jeweilige / the respective: Instrument + Musik-Genre / Musical genres


  • The ABC Music project
    developed by Chris Walshaw, is a format designed to notate music using plain text. It was originally designed for folk tunes of Western European origin which can be written on one staff, but has since been extended to support the notation of complete, classical music scores [...]
  • ABC Notation
    The text-based music notation system and the de facto standard for folk and traditional music.
  • All Tabs Music Tablature
    is a free source of music tablatures for private study and research, including tutorials and lessons for students of old-time traditional style music.

    All Tabs presents 5-string banjo tablature, guitar tablature, mandolin tablature, fiddle tablature, and tenor (4-string) banjo tablature [...]

  • Jack Campin: Traditional music resources
    in ABC format
  • LiedNet
    the world's largest research archive of texts and translations of art songs and choral works. 131.330+ vocal pieces have been catalogued. 23,515+ translations are available [...]
  • Nigel Gatherer's ABC Tune Collection
    consists of tunes which he has transcribed for classes, or whilst discussing them on newsgroups, mailing lists and by email...
  • Print Free Staff Paper
    Save time and money by printing staff paper online; types: Single - Unmarked - Solo - Ensemble - Choral | Notenpapier selbst drucken
  • TablEdit Tablature Editor
    a program for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music (standard notation) for guitar and other fretted, stringed instruments, including mandolin, bass and banjo (even taking into consideration the special aspect of the fifth string) [...]
  • TradFrance
    Musique traditionnelle de France - Traditional music from France
  • Whistle and Squeak
    A modest instruction and learning resource for devotees of the humble pennywhistle ...

    Sheet music hymns, Christmas carols, folk, traditional and classical songs arranged for D Pennywhistle, with tablature (fingering diagrams) ...


  • 19th-Century American Sheet Music
    Music Library from the University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill | Browse by ... Composer - Lyricist - Topic - Date - Publisher - Publisher Location - Volume
  • 8notes
    Free Sheet Music & Lessons; Categories: Classical - Pop & Rock - Jazz - Film & TV - World - Wedding - Christmas - Traditional - Funeral - Childrens - New Music

    for: Piano - Guitar - Violin - Flute - Saxophone - Voice - Clarinet - Trumpet - Viola - Trombone - Cello - Percussion - Recorder - Oboe - Bass Guitar - French Horn - Bassoon - Tuba - Double Bass - Organ - Euphonium - Madolin - Ukulele - String Groups - Wind Groups - Guitar Groups - Bass Groups - Mixed Groups - Keyboard

  • African-American Sheet Music
    1850-1920 - American Memory from the Library of Congress

    This collection consists of 1,305 pieces of African-American sheet music dating from 1850 through 1920. The collection includes many songs from the heyday of antebellum black face minstrelsy in the 1850s and from the abolitionist movement of the same period [...]

  • Alamance Creek Music
    Free Historic Romantic and New Age Piano Sheet Music
  • Art Song Central
    is principally an archive and directory of free, printable sheet music for singers and voice teachers. An emphasis is placed on standard classical and traditional repertoire [...]
  • Breizh Partitions
    Free Celtic sheet music
  • Classical guitar
    Free sheet music for classical guitar (PDF + GIF) | Milán, Dowland, Sanz, Losy, Rameau, Bach, Weiss, Händel, Carulli, Paganini, Arcas, Tárrega, Llobet, Barrios, Kiselev, Morin
  • ChoirWorks
    Choral Music by M. Ryan Taylor
  • Colin Kirkpatrick's National Anthems Online
    Each anthem is arranged in six-part harmony and the full scores include brief historical notes, as well as performance suggestions. The parts are available in A4 size ...
  • copy-us
    an internet publishing house for contemporary music: we publish the works of our composers free of charge on the internet and will send them at cost to musicians and all of those interested.
  • The Danish National Digital Sheet Music Archive
    The Royal Library - National Library of Denmark and Copenhagen University Library

    Selected works from the Music Collections are being re-published in digital form in order to provide internet access to the collections of the Royal Library. Both manuscripts and printed music have been included: some are published expressly for printing, others are primarily intended for study [...]

  • [dmoz - open directory project]: Noten / Partituren :: Sheet Music :: Music Publishing
  • The E. Azalia Hackley Collection
    19th & 20th Century Sheet Music of Negro Themes
  • Easy Sheet Music
    collection of pieces you can download for free [...] pieces are organised into themed books, which you can print out in PDF format, and currently all our pieces are for easy level Piano. We hope to add pieces for other instruments in the future.
  • easybyte
    Free, easy to play piano sheet music for weddings, holidays and other occasions.
  • Find Free Sheet Music
    Categories: Accordion - Bagpipes - Bands - Bells - Brass - Celtic - Choral - Classical - Drums - Folk - General Sheet Music - Guitar - Harp - Holiday - Jazz - Lute - Lyrics - Organ - Piano - Popular Sheet Music - Songwriting - Spiritual - Violin - Woodwinds
  • Free Music Scores
    source of music by hornplayer and arranger Jean-François Taillard. On our website you can download free sheetmusic with excellent transcriptions and arrangements as well as high quality original compositions for chamber brass, mixed ensembles and orchestra.
  • Free Sheet Music guide
    Guide to the most popular sheet music and guitar tab sources on the web.
  • Historic American Sheet Music
    @ Duke University Libraries | Digital Collections that provides access to digital images for over 3,000 pieces from the collection, published in the United States between 1850 and 1920.
  • Hubert Garavel
    Original transcriptions of pieces by Brahms, Mahler, Schubert and other composers.
  • ! IMSLP - Petrucci Music Library
    Sharing the world’s public domain music | 82,500+ works · 285,000+ scores · 30,900+ recordings · 11,300+ composers · 280+ performers
  • IN Harmony: Sheet Music from Indiana
    a search and discovery system for accessing sheet music from the Indiana University Lilly Library, the Indiana State Library, the Indiana State Museum, and the Indiana Historical Society [...]
  • International Opus
    Musical Diversity for a new Millenium
  • JayBuckey
    Tablature and sheet music for the Harp Guitar, Harp Ukulele, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Dobro, Fiddle!
  • Jazzstudies
    Free Jazz Chord Charts That You Can Transpose - Fake/Real Book
  • Just Sheet Music
    Covering all Instruments as well as Genres & Styles; search also by artist
  • The Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection
    consists of over 29,000 pieces of American popular music. This music was generously donated to The Johns Hopkins University by Lester S. Levy over a period of years starting in 1976 and is now housed in the Special Collections Division of the Milton S. Eisenhower Library.

    The collection spans the years 1780 to 1980, but its strength is its thorough documentation of nineteenth-century America through popular music [...]

  • Mean Tone Guitar Studio
    Free 19th Century Parlor Guitar Music Downloads
  • Music Files
    Sheet Music, MIDI, MP3, Classical, Traditional, Film
  • Music for the Nation - American Sheet Music
    1870-1885 | The mission of the Library of Congress is to make its resources available and useful to Congress and the American people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations [...]
  • Music Scores
    Classical sheet music, for all instruments and abilities | [...] Today we still have a large element of free sheet music – far more than those early days – and an even larger selection for our members [...]
  • MusicaNeo
    Digital Sheet Music Downloads
  • The Mutopia Project
    offers sheet music editions of classical music for free download. These are based on editions in the public domain, and include works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Handel, Mozart, and many others [...]
  • National Library of Australia: Music
    Australian Sheet Music | State Theatre Collection

    Australian Sheet Music - highly decorative covers of sheet music documenting performing arts history. Includes advertisements for stage and cinema productions, the latest musical instruments and recordings. This collection can be accessed for iPad via the Forte app.

  • Online Music Scores
    Collected by Howard J. Callon, a music professor at McGill University in Seattle, Washington.
  • Pel Music Publications
    Solo and Ensemble Music Student Sheet Music
  • Piano Four Hands Sheet Music and Duets
    more than 2.000 files packed with free and legal sheet music.

    The piano four hands sheet music is free, because we use antique sheet music. The music is hand picked by Rowy, a classical trained composer who co-founded RowyNet.

  • Project Gutenberg - The Sheet Music Project
    volunteers have been engaging in digitizing public domain sheet music, using a variety of techniques, to enable study and performance. For the most part, the musical pieces created have been chamber music, with composers such as Brahms and Beethoven [...]
  • RowyNet
    Sheet Music Archive | classical and folk | [...] You're allowed to use hard copies of our music scores for non-commercial purposes, like school- and street- performances or concerts in church and homes for the elderly.
  • Sheet Music From Canada's Past
    @ Library and Archives Canada | [...] Fortunately for Library and Archives Canada and its users, in the early 1950s Helmut Kallmann, a young CBC music librarian of exceptional vision, began to collect whatever early Canadian sheet music he could find. He also gathered data on such music from dealers' catalogues, newspapers and magazines, library catalogues and private collections [...]
  • SheetMusicFox
    Download hundreds of thousands of free public domain sheet music titles.
  • Sheet Music Plus
    World's Largest Sheet Music Selection for Piano, Guitar And Choral
  • Sierra Music Publications, Inc.
    Great big band jazz charts
  • SoloSheets
    Free Piano Sheet Music in the New Age Style
  • Songsterr
    an archive of guitar, bass and drum tabs. It is collaboratively built and maintained by your fellow music lovers. Anyone with Internet access can contribute new tabs and make changes to existing ones [...]
  • SongTrellis
    Music, Musical Know-how and Music Technology For You

    Features: Hundreds of chord progressions - Harmony In Detail - Backing Tracks For Sale - Jukebox - Blues Tunes - The Lessons - The Rhythms - The Animations

  • Tab World Online
    Guitar | Bass | Drums
  • TabNabber
    Compose Your Own Music Tablature, Tabs, Chords, Sheet Music, Transcriptions for Piano, Flute, Guitar, Bass, Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Violin and more...
  • Thompson Edition
    Since 1985 we have specialized in publishing quality methods, solo and chamber music publications for brass, as well as an extensive list of works for solo instruments with band accompaniment [...]
  • Trachtman
    Some Free Ragtime Sheet Music - Ragtime and Piano-Roll MIDIs - links to Ragtime Audio CDs and Tapes - ...
  • TrillMusic
    Trillenium Music (ASCAP) and Tunbridge Music (BMI) - We publish sheet music in a wide range of styles that enable you, the musician of any age, to learn, grow and work professionally.

    Wind Chamber Music, Opera Reduction Orchestrations, and music for Orchestra, Opera, Band, Big Band, Guitar and Strings...we publish in all of these categories [...]

  • Tritone Press & Tenuto Publications
    publishing American Music since 1961

    Flute & Piccolo :: Oboe & English Horn :: Clarinet :: Saxophone :: Bassoon :: Wind Quartet & Quintet :: Horn :: Trumpet :: Trombone :: Euphonium/Baritone :: Tuba :: Brass Quartet & Larger Ensemble :: Percussion :: Piano :: Organ :: Strings :: Band :: Orchestra :: Voice :: Chorus :: Sacred Instrumental

  • Tunes at Ceolas
    Notation for several hundred traditional tunes, in various formats, along with music software and an index of most published tune sources and links to other sites with tunes and songs.
  • UR Research - Institutional Collection: Musical Scores
    Scores and books in the public domain. Many of these are unique to the Sibley Music Library collection.
  • The Violin Site: Free Violin Sheet Music
  • Walrus Music Publishing
    Your Jazz Specialists
  • WIMA: Werner Icking Music Archive
    contains a miscellany of subject-specific musical material - Sheet Music Downloads (without charge)

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  • Galima-Notenversand
    Klavier / Keyboard - Gitarre - E-Bass - Streichinstrumente - Blasinstrumente - Songbücher - Gesang - Chor - Kinderlieder - Elementares Musizieren - Klavierauszüge - Schlagzeug / Percussion - Akkordeon - Allgemein / Theorie
  • Klangfarbe Musikverlag Notenshop
    Hier finden Sie ausschliesslich Noten des Klangfarbe Musikverlags: Gitarre - E-Gitarre - Jazzgitarre - E-Bass - Schlagzeug - Gitarre-Kinder - Gitarre-Tabs - Klavier - Blockflöte

  • Bossa Nova Klavierpartituren
    Klavierpartituren der Lieder meiner CD "Love song in vain" und jene der vorhergehenden CDs "Opus Bossa Nova" und "Desafinados como Eu" [...]
  • Breizh Partitions
    Kostenlos Partituren keltischer Musik | auch in den Sprachen: Français - English - Español - Brezhoneg - Galego
  • copy-us
    Wir publizieren die Werke unserer Komponisten kostenfrei im Internet oder senden sie Musikern und Interessierten zum Selbstkostenpreis zu.
  • Die ganze Welt der Noten
    Portal zu den den Partiturensammlungen und digitalen Notenarchiven des Internets
  • Edition Musica Poetica
    ein Musikverlag, der sich auf die Publikation unbekannterer Musik des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts spezialisiert hat, wobei die Werke norddeutscher Komponisten besondere Berücksichtigung finden [...]
  • Editions Marc Reift - EMR
    Musik Verlag - Marcophon | Ensembles :: Bläser :: Holzbläser :: Streicher sowie weitere Instrumente
  • FlötenNoten
    Sie spielen Blockflöte oder Querflöte? Oder Sie unterrichten eines dieser Instrumente? Hier finden Sie günstige Flötennoten im PDF-Format, die zum Teil erstmalig veröffentlicht sind [...]
  • Folkloretanznoten
    Folkloremusik aus Albanien bis Vlach
  • Free-scores
    Mondial de la Partition Gratuite (Partitions PDF, MIDI, MP3)
  • Gratisnoten
    Marsch und Walzer - kostenlose Noten für Blasmusik und Akkordeon
  • Hausmusik
    Verein zur Förderung der Hausmusik | kostenloses Notenregal mit mehreren Tausend Notenblättern, gesammelt von Musikbegeisterten. Es entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Hersteller des Notensetzprogramms Capella und wird hier für jedermann zugänglich weitergeführt [...]
  • Jazzband live
    Blankes ... Einfaches Notenpapier - Notenpapier/Tabulatur für Gitarre und Bass - Notenpapier/Partituren für Piano und Ensembles
  • Johann Paul Zehetbauer
    Die kirchenmusikalischen Werke des Münchner Komponisten zum freien Download
  • Kantoreiarchiv
    Archiv der kreuznacher-diakonie-kantorei | Dieses Archiv enthält Noten (über 12000 Dateien) für Chor, Orchester, Blechbläser, Blockflöten, Orgel
  • Klaviernoten zu vier Händen
    eine nichtkommerzielle Webseite [...] mit kostenlosen Noten. Alle Musiknoten sind im PDF-Format verfügbar. [...] Die Noten wurden von Rowy, eine klassisch geschulten Komponistin, gesammelt.
  • Kostenlose Klaviernoten
    Archiv für kostenlose Klaviernoten klassischer Komponisten.
  • Manfreds Notenpool
    Sammlung an Musikalien, hauptsächlich Kirchenmusik aus dem 19.Jahrhundert, die ohne Einschränküng für nicht kommerzielle Zweck genutzt werden darf.
  • Musikverlag Oswald Schaub
    monatlich wechselnde Notenblätter, MIDI Files und mp3 für Schwyzerörgeli, Akkordeon oder Klarinette gratis herunterladen.
  • Musikverlag Zimmermann
  • Noten Kuhnen-Musik
    Urtextausgaben nach Originaldrucken und Manuskripten | Noten für Blockflöten und Flöte sowohl mit als auch ohne Generalbass | Werke von F. Couperin, M. de la Barre, J. B. de Boismortier, A. Dornel, G. Fr. Händel, J. Paisible und G. Ph. Telemann | Noten für Blockflötenensemble | Arrangements von Liedern und Tänze für Blockflöten, Gitarren u.a. Instrumente | Unterrichtsmaterial - also Notenblätter, Grifftabellen, eine kleine Schule für Sopranblockflöte usw.
  • Notenarchiv
    von Christoph Dalitz; vorwiegend geistlich Musik
  • Notenquelle
    Arrangements von Fugen, Kirchenmusik, Weihnachtslieder, Unterhaltungsmusik, Chormusik | Gitarre(n), Flöte + Gitarre(n), Orgel (+ Trompete), Gesang
  • Osna-Musik
    Von dem Deutschen Hermann Rongen arrangierte 3- und 4-stimmige Chorsätze für Pop-Musical - Gospel - Kirche - Weihnacht
  • RIESE music
    steht für maßgeschneiderte Kompositionen, Bearbeitungen und Arrangements.
  • Schmoll Musik
    Michael Schmoll | Noten für Gemischter Chor - Männerchor - Frauenchor - Kinder-und Jugendmusicals - Musicals für Kirchengemeinden
  • Syne's Noten Sammlung
    Noten z.B. von Irving Berlin, Milton Ager, ABBA. Hier gibt es auch einige Orgelchoräle. Alle Noten sind zum Download und Ausdrucken bereit gestellt.n Die hier zur Verfügung gestellten Noten sind alle mit Lilypond geschrieben und im PDF Format. Darüber hinaus gibt es zu allen Stücken Vorschaubilder und Midis zum Probehören [...]
  • Weihnachtsstadt
    Weihnachtliche Lieder in Deutsch, englisch und spanisch Kinderlieder, Lieder zum Heilig Abend

Chorgesang / Choral

  • ChoirWorks
    Choral Music by M. Ryan Taylor
  • Choral Concepts
    a website devoted to the barbershop arrangements, school and church music of Burt Szabo. While teaching for many years at university levels, Burt composed and arranged a great variety of music for school and church use, and for barbershop quartets and choruses. [...]
  • ChoralWiki - CPDL
    Choral Public Domain Library

    [...] Here you will find free choral/vocal scores, texts, translations, and other useful information. 18.400+ choral and vocal works by 2.400+ composers.

  • Cipoo
    Public Domain Choral Music
  • Gesangbuchlieder
    Noten und Musik für Gesangbuchlieder sowie christliche Musik allgemein.
  • Jamisonmusic
    Barbershop arrangements by Steve Jamison.
  • Kevin Keller Arrangements
    Kevin Keller has been singing barbershop since 1978. He is a certified Music Judge and popular coach with quartets and choruses across the country [...]
  • LABBS Music Library
    Sheet Music
  • Larry Wright Music
    I specialize in composing and arranging music in the barbershop style and SATB secular and sacred choral styles, and also offer extensive libraries of vocal "learning trax" for well over 1,000 charts arranged by myself as well as over 100 other arrangers [...]
  • Musica International
    Die Virtuelle Chormusik Bibliothek
  • Musik und Liturgie
    Chornoten zum kostenlosen Download
  • Tom Gentry
    Arranger of Barbershop Harmony

Klassik / Classical

  • The Ames Hymn Collection
    Sheet music in LilyPond or PDF format.
  • David Solomons
    singer, one-man choir, guitarist and composer | Sheet Music in various categories (like instrument and origin); partly for free
  • IJCC - International Journal of Contemporary Composition
    Fee Music Sheets and .mp3 Downloads
  • IMSLP - Petrucci Music Library
    Free Public Domain Sheet Music; includes also recordings
  • Jacco Eerland's Bladmuziek
    Free sheetmusic of the composers Cesar Franck, Nicolai von Wilm and Johann Kuhnau - pdf document and midi file downloads.
  • Leffef Sheet Music
    flute clarinet saxophone trumpet horn trombone tuba band
  • Music-Scores
    Classical Sheet Music
  • Saraband Music
    ... for the best in all Classical sheet music, from the Middle Ages to now.
  • Sveinn Eythorsson
    Classical Guitarist
  • Variations
    Prototype: Online Musical Scores
  • WIMA - Werner Icking Music Archive
    contains a miscellany of subject-specific musical material. Click on the name of a subdirectory containing scores, sound files, typesetting source files, additional README-files etc., or follow the composer links to enjoy fully all of the Archive's possibilities.

Handel / Trade

  • Jud Musikalien
    Musikinstrumente - Notenversand - Notenmappen - Musikzubehör
  • Marley Music
    Lieferant von Noten für Musiker mit einer Leidenschaft für Salonmusik, die Roaring Twenties und die unvergesslichen Melodien aus der Zeit als die Filme noch in schwarz-weiß gedreht wurden [...]
  • Musicalion
    Staatlich anerkannte Bibliothek mit 28072 Kompositionen und 1596 Komponisten bei Mitgliedschaft.
  • Musikverlag Oswald Schaub
    Notenshop für Schwyzerörgeli, Akkordeon und Klarinette, Gratisnoten, Midi Files, Online-Schule, Volksmusik-Forum, Musikunterricht, Ferienkurse, Intensiv-Kurse und vieles mehr...
  • notafina
    eines der größten Portale für den legalen Download von Noten geschützter Musik. Unser Angebot reicht von Werken großer zeitgenössischer Komponisten hin zur Musik aus Archiven renommierter Verlage [...]
  • Notendownload
    Noten für Solo, Duett, Trio, Saxophonquartett, Blechbläserquintett und Ensemble
  • Notenkorb
    Kinderlieder - Advents- und Weihnachtslieder - religiöse Lieder (neue geistliche Lieder) - Entspannungs- und Meditationsmusik - Chor-Noten und Klaviernoten.
  • Retail Print Music Dealers Association (RPMDA)
    The voice of the print music industry since 1976 | Our association represents retailers, publishers, and distributors who share a passion for the print music industry [...]
  • Score Exchange
    Music by: Instrumentation - Genre - Purpose - Event - Difficulty - Type

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  • Bucket o' Tab
    Tablature Editor for Windows
  • eTktab
    Tablaturen Editor | Tablature Editor | Editeur deTablature | Editore Tablatura
  • Gootar: Tab Generator With Sound
    Horizontal Fretboard
  • Guitar Pro
    Tablature software for guitar, bass, and other fretted instruments
  • TabIt
    a full-featured program for creating, playing, and printing guitar, bass, or banjo tablature

Beratung, Unterricht, Bücher + Noten
/ Advice, Lessons, Books + Sheet music

Siehe auch / See also:

  1. Blasinstrumente spielen / Playing wind instruments
  2. Gitarre + Bass spielen / Playing guitar + bass
  3. Klavier spielen / Playing piano
  4. ggf. das jeweilige / the respective
    Instrument bzw. Musik-Genre / Musical genre

  • Arabic Maqam World
    is a non-commercial, educational web site dedicated to helping musicians understand the maqam or modal system used in classical Arabic music [...]
  • Frequencies and Ranges
    Low musical notes matching frequencies with instruments able to play them.

    Do you like low pitched instruments? Is the upper end of the bass clef just a bit too high for your taste? Are you fascinated by musical instruments that register on seismographs? Read on [...]

  • Desone - Modulare Akustik
    S:BOX | Übungskabine als Proberaum zuhause [...] Schallschutz durch die doppelwandige und vollständig entkoppelte "Raum-im-Raum"-Konstruktion [...]
  • Homespun Tapes
    Music Instruction. Audio and video instructions on playing 21 different musical instruments.
  • Musical instruments reference
    This reference is written for music theory, arranging, composing, song writing and orchestration students of, though we recognise it may have wider appea [...]

    Brass - Saxophone section - Orchestral woodwinds - Strings - Rhythm Section - Tuned Percussion

  • MusicArrangers
    Musical instruments reference | ...learn about orchestration, transposition, instrumentation and best sounding range [...]
  • Online Tuning Fork
    Online Stimmgabel | 329.6 Hz - Concert Pitch 440 Hz - 523.3 Hz
  • Wikipedia: Instrumentalmusik

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Verschiedene Instrumente / Miscellaneous instruments

  • Alfred Music
    Learn – Teach – Play Music: Piano - Guitar & Bass - Vocal - Drums & Percussion - Choir - Bands & Otchestra
  • All Things Strings
    For Players of Bowed Stringed Instruments; Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass & Fiddle
  • The Cipher
    Blumberg's Music Theory Cipher for Guitar and other stringed instruments | Music Theory Elements and Fretboard Pattern Study for Guitar, Bass, and Mandolin players who can’t read music.
    Ukulele - Guitar - Banjo - Harmonica | Video tutorials - Chords - Tablature ...
  • iBreatheMusic
    Professional Music Theory and Lessons for Guitar & Other Instruments
  • Guitar, Mandolin & Lute
    Music is there for anyone who wants it. It will take longer than you think, but you will be better than you can imagine.
  • HeavyMusic
    Music Equipment Reviews | How to Buy Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitars, Bass & Guitar Amplifers, Drums, Pro Audio, Vintage Gear
  • Homespun Music Instruction
    Guitar, Keyboards, Fiddle, Banjo, Dobro, Slide, Steel, ...

    A catalog of music lessons on DVDs and CDs available anywhere. Our lessons are designed for learning players at all levels, from absolute beginners (including kids) to experienced professionals -- and everyone in between [...]

  • The Jazz Chameleon
    [...] Here, you will find lessons on Music Theory, Chords and their construction, chord Substitution (including the famous tritone substitution), chord changes, Scales and Modes, Arpeggios, Improvisation, Soloing and Comping ideas and techniques, Solo transcriptions and even transcriptions to Jazz standards with backing tracks so you can start playing today...
  • Oud for Guitarists
    Learn Oud and Start Playing from Today