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Traditionelle Volksmusik / Traditional Folk music / World Music


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Traditionelle Volksmusik
/ Traditional Folk music / World Music


Siehe auch / See also: Ressourcen / Resources (-::-) Traditionelle + Ungewöhnliche Instrumente / Traditional + unusual instruments (-::-) Bau und Verkauf traditioneller Instrumente

  • World music
  • Ancient-Future
    ...a place where new cross-cultural music and dance is created by learning from the world's great ancient traditions [...] world's first and longest running band dedicated exclusively to the mission of creating world fusion music [...]
  • British Library - Sounds: World and traditional music
    The British Library is making these collections of ethnographic available for non-commercial research, study and private enjoyment [...]
  • Center for World Music
    a nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is to foster intercultural awareness and understanding through in-depth encounters with the world’s performing arts traditions. To that end, we sponsor educational outreach, performances, and study abroad programs [...]
  • cdRoots World Music
    ...I like the music I carry and I hope to offer you a crack in the window on the world, a small earful of the incredible music being made far away from the mainstream [...]
  • [dmoz - open directory project]: Regional and Ethnic Music
  • EthnoSuperLounge
    is a network of musicians, based in Brisbane, Australia, as well as Japan and India, from many cultural backgrounds who come together to share their songs and sounds in the spirit of unity, healing and transcendence -

    a mellow world music fusion collective including musicians from India, Tibet, Turkey and Africa, along with many musicians in Australia and Japan strongly influenced by Indian classical music, other African and Asian music traditions plus Western styles such as jazz, ambient, reggae and electronica.

  • Folk Alliance International (FAI)
    To nurture, engage and empower the international folk music community — traditional and contemporary, amateur and professional — through education, advocacy and performance [...]
    Magazin | Musik von hier und überall
  • FolkLib Index
    A Library of Folk Music Links
  • FolkWorld (deutsch/english)
    Folk-, Welt- & Roots-Musik | Home of European Music
  • Global Fusion Catalogue
    bringing you the best in traditional world music, classical world music and world fusion music.
  • MONDOMIX (français / english)
    Le magazine des musiques et cultures dans le monde
    Online experimental and world music since 1996
  • Mustrad
    The Magazine for Traditional Music throughout the world
  • N. Scott Robinson - World Music and Percussion
    Frame Drums, Riq, Tambourines
  • NIU - World Music Instrument Collection
    collection of musical instruments from around the world. These instruments can be viewed using a variety of methods [...]
  • Rhythmweb
    an educational resource for those studying World Percussion and World Music from Africa to Polynesia [...] a jumping off point to many different rhythmic musical traditions.

    Instruments comprise Bamboula, Berimbau, Bongo, Boomwhackers, Bougarabou, Cajon, Claves, Conga, Djembe, Doumbek, Drumset, Engalabi, Frame Drum Central, Gourds, Homemade Stuff, Mallets, Ramwong, Tan Tan, Taiko, Timba, Timbales

  • RootsWorld
    A network of culture, art and music on the web
  • The Session
    Tunes - Recordings - Sessions - Events - Discussions
  • TUNEdb
    the traditional music (from many different parts of the world) database, where you can search our database of traditional tunes and store your tune information for the benefit of all [...]
  • ! UCLA Departmment of Ethnomusicology
    World Music Performance Encembles
  • Weltmusik-Magazin
    Hörenswertes aus aller Welt
  • World Beats
    Drums, Percussion & unique Instruments
  • World Music/CRASHArts
    Music and Dance from the Far and Near Corners of the Globe
  • World Music Central online magazine dedicated to World Music. We feature the latest international news, CD and concert reviews, articles, and many resources (in the form of a wiki) for music fans, industry professionals and researchers [...]
  • Yahoo Groups: Ethnobeats, World Music
    Music from all over the world!! If you are interested, you are welcome here!
  • Wikipedia: Volksmusik :: Liste von Volksmusikinstrumenten / Folk music

Traditionelle Volksmusik / Traditional Folk music / World Music
Europa + Afrika / Europe + Africa

Europäische Volksmusik allgemein
/ European folk music in general

  • Austria-Forum: Volksmusik
    im eigentlichen Sinn: anonyme Werke bzw. Kunstmusik, die popularisiert wurde.Eine wichtige Vermittlerrolle spielten dabei die Kirchenmusik, Lehrer und fahrende Musikanten, die Kunstmusik auch in entlegene Dörfer brachten [...]
  • BR Volksmusikplattform
    des Bayrischen Rundfunks
  • Chanter
    La chanson d'expression française
  • Contemplator
    Contemplations from the Marianas Trench/Folk Music of Britain, Ireland & America
    Finnland | is an online publication by the Folk Music Department at the Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts in Helsinki. The website houses a wealth of publications and resources created through research, teaching or artistic activity.
  • Historisches Lexikon Bayerns - Volksmusikpflege
    Die Volksmusikpflege in Bayern ist eine Lied, Musik und Tanz betreffende Bewegung ideellen Charakters, die sich ab ca. 1930 im weiteren Verlauf des 20. Jahrhunderts zunehmend entfaltete [...]
  • MediMuses
    Music of the Mediterranean
  • Music of the Near East
    Metric Modes (IQA'AT) & Melodic Modes (MAQAMAT)
  • Steirische Sänger- und Musikantentreffen (SUMT)
    Der Verein "Steirische Sänger- und Musikantentreffen" koordiniert die Termine der einzelnen Veranstaltungen und ermöglicht Livemitschnitte, die unter anderem im ORF Radio Steiermark jeden Mittwoch von 20 bis 22 Uhr ausgestrahlt werden.
  • Volksmusik und Volkstanz im Alpenland
    Homepage von Franz Fuchs aus Klosterneuburg in Niederösterreich | Volksmusik, Volkstanz, Lieder, Gedichte, eine Online-Volksmusikschule Volkstanzmelodien und Volksmusikmelodien in Noten und Griffschrift für steirische Harmonika ...
    Online resources for folk and world music in Europe


ein beschwingter Rundtanz im lebhaften bis raschen Zweivierteltakt

Griechenland / Greece

Siehe auch: Audio

  • The Athenaeum International Cultural Centre
    is a non profit music organisation. It was founded in 1974 by a group of artists, intellectuals as well as personalities of public life who shared in common the aspiration of regenerating the Greek musical education as well as the cultural life of the country [...]
  • Cyprus Music Network (CMN)
    Research Project | ...The first stage of the project documents the folk and popular musical traditions of the various Cypriot social groups, while the second stage proceeds with analysis, digitization, design, and publication of the musical and other material in an online archive...
    Greek Music Site
    Greek Radio Station Links
  • Greek Radio 1
    Canada's first Internet radio station and world's first Greek Internet radio station since 1994
    Greek Internet radio station
    Ancient music is practically lost, although there are a few fragments surviving (ancient greek notation is deciphered: it uses alphabet-symbols). The byzantine hymns are still sung in churches all over Greece and the study of byzantine notation, theory and hymnology is a very strong domain in musicological departments at universities [...]
  • Lilian Voudouri: Music Library of Greece
    was created by the Friends of Music Society to meet the needs of all Greek music lovers. It makes available – for the first time in Greece – a large collection of information and study material on music to visitors, but also to distant users [...]
  • The Music of Ancient Greeks
    along with Ancient Greek texts from the epic and lyrical poetry of the 8th-6th century B.C. (in greek)
  • RootsWorld: The Greek Musical Tradition in South Italy
    Nondas Kitsos looks at the Greek influence on the history and music of Salento and Calabria [...]

  • Greek City
    Music and plenty of other stuff
  • GreekSuperstore
    Greek Music CDs and plenty of other stuff
    Greek music online. Greek radio. Ancient music, traditional music, new Greek music

Rembetiko / Rebetiko

Irisch + Keltisch / Irish + Celtic

  • Celtic-Music-Net
    Internet-Portal für alle die sich, aus welcher Motivation auch immer, für Musik interessieren die im engeren, weiteren und zuweilen auch sehr weiten Sinne der sogenannten Celtic Music zugerechnet wird [...]
  • Ceolas
    Home of celtic music on the internet, since 1994
  • Comhaltas
    Globally Promotes Traditional Irish Music Dance Culture for Students, Educators, Visitors, Musicians & Journalists
  • Juneberry78s Listening Room
    Irish Dance Music from the 1920s - 1970s
  • The Old Music Project
    Some years ago I was looking for some Irish music online and simply couldn't find any that wasn't on a "pay-per-view" site. This irked me no end and I half-formulated an inchoate plan to "do something about this [...]
  • Online Academy of Irish Music (OAIM)
    Top Quality Lessons from World Class Tutors Make Learning Irish Music Fun, Fast & Easy
  • TORAIGH - Slow Sessions
    Traditional Irish Folk Music




  • Amala School
    Romany (Gypsy) music & language workshop in Valjevo, Serbia

Spanien / Spain


    Flamenco Guitar | Flamenco FAQ for Classical Guitarists + Flamenco Resources for Beginners - Sheet Music
  • Flamenco-Teacher
    Flamenco guitar lessons, falsetas, and flamenco forum


    United Colours of Africa | African Ubuntu Music and Cultural Journalism Portal
  • African Music Encyclopedia
    Artist - Country - Store - Glossary - Sources - Links
  • AfricaSounds
    For the past 11 years AfricaSounds has been presenting the music of Africa and the Diaspora on the internet.

    We report on live concert performances, in-depth artist features, documentaries on cultural travel and album reviews. The site is also an archive for reporting on Congolese and Cameroon music.

  • Afrikanisches Kulturfest
    Blog about Afrojazz music
  • Afromix
    The Portal of African and Caribbean Cultures ... with The most extensive discographic database on African and Caribbean music.

    Nearly 3000 artists and more than 8000 albums referenced, organized by musical styles, country, instruments, labels and years. Many links towards artists, labels, festivals sites.

  • Afropop Worldwide
    a radio program and online magazine dedicated to music from Africa and the African diaspora [...]
  • Attaya Music
    Senegal and the Gambia on the Web | Songs are available in Real Audio
  • BBC World Service:
    • Afrobeat
      Take the improvisational character of jazz, combine it with the raunchiness of funk, flavour the mixture with African tradition and add a political message to it. What do you end up with? An Afrobeat record [...]
    • Rhythms of the Continent
      A series of programmes looking at the role of music in Africa today [...]
  • [dmoz - open directory project]: African music
  • Gateway of Africa
    musicians listed by country and style
  • Kisomba: Musik aus Afrika
    Die afrikanischen Staaten und ihre individuelle Musik ...Zu den hier aufgeführten Staaten haben wir zusätzlich zu den wichtigsten Musikherkunftsinformationen jeweils ein kleines Hörbeispiel hinterlegt [...]
  • Kubatana - Archive: A glossary of African music styles
    from Afrobeat to Zoblazo
  • Music and Musicians in Eastern and Central Africa
    Muttu Mondiya Mama
  • Radio Africa
    West African music archives, videos, discographies & reviews ... Since 1997
  • Radio Africa Online (RAO)
    The longest-running African all-music station
  • RootsWorld: African Music
  • Slipcue: Afro Beat
    Recommended Records (DJ Joe Sixpack's African Music Guide)
  • Stanford University: African Music on the Internet
    Linksammlung / Link collection
  • Swahili Opera
    mp3 downloads from Tanzania
  • Wikipedia: Traditionelle afrikanische Musik / Music of Africa
  • YAHOO Groups: African Music Group
    The discussion group for African Music. All are welcome to join. We discuss all aspects of African Music. All African Music events, festivals, concerts and listings are welcome...


eine algerische Volks- und Populärmusik, entstanden in Westalgerien

  • LookLex Encyclopaedia: Raï
  • Raï-Music
    By Rod Skilbeck | western Algeria but came into its own in the harbour city Oran during the 1920s. Its basis was in Arabic love poetry and Bedouin folk music [...]
  • Wikipedia: deutsch / english